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FlutterForce — #Week 63

- sliding_up_panel 1.0.0

A draggable Flutter widget that makes implementing a SlidingUpPanel much easier! Based on the Material Design bottom sheet component, this widget works on both Android & iOS.

- Beginning Flutter — Intermediate — Using Common Widgets

In this video, you are going to take a look at:
How to use basic widgets such as Scaffold, AppBar, SafeArea, Container, Text, RichText, Column, and Row, as well as different types of buttons.
You’ll learn how to use the most common widgets. I call them our base building blocks for creating beautiful UI and UX

- Dart-side and Dark-side (The Boring Flutter Development Show, Ep. 34)

In this episode of the Boring Show, Emily and Katerina work on The Hacker News app. Follow along as they clean up the code base and implement Dark Mode!

- Unit Testing With Flutter: Getting Started

So you’re a Flutter developer who wants to improve your skills and write better apps. Great! One way to be a better developer is to apply Unit Testing to your Flutter apps.

Writing unit tests for your Flutter app can help you create resilient and bug-free code.

- Flutter Tech Store App UI Concept | Speed Code

- How to convince your boss to move to Flutter?

In this article, we’ll look at the challenges we face in doing so, why your Senior Developer may be hesitant to make the switch, and what you can do about it. This article is quite long (over 3000 words!) but it’s supposed to help put you in the mindset to bring about change in your workplace. And bringing about change is no easy task.

- Bezier Animations — UI elements to Flutter Widgets (Part 1)

One common feature of UI/UX elements today are animations — not flashing neon light animations — but subtle, tasteful, more organic animations. Bezier curves are a great way of creating smooth curves and provide a simple, elegant yet powerful way of animating UI elements in an App. This two-part article will be an attempt to simplify the process of converting a designer’s UI elements into Flutter Widgets for drawing Bezier Curves and animating them. from Kamalesh Basu

- Firestore CRUD in Flutter — A complete guide

This video cover the Create, read, update and delete functionalities using Firestore in Flutter.

- #AskFlutter: More audience questions! (Flutter Interact ‘19)

Join us for #AskFlutter Q&A from Flutter Interact. Andrew Brogdon, John Ryan and Kate Lovett answer your questions. In this episode, get inspired to try contributing to an open source project. Should you use Visual Studio Code or Android Studio? Want to record a video of a widget? Join us now and get these questions answered and more!

- “Provide” your users with Dark Theme — Flutter

These days most of the applications, if not all, have dark theme support. There is a trend going on in the market and it looks like majority of the users are in support of the idea. It is good to have options, right? from Annsh Singh

- Validating and Formatting Payment Card Text Fields in Flutter

I am going to walk us through the steps of validating payment (debit/credit) cards number, expiry date and CVV. Among other things, this is basically building on the already existing features of the TextFormField widget.

We’ll start with the card number: it will be validated and the appropriate icon of the issuer displayed. from Wilberforce Uwadiegwu

Thanks for reading!

Leave a comment below or tweet me if with any questions/suggestions, or adding resources.




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