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FlutterForce — #Week 69

- Implementing complex UI with Flutter — Marcin Szałek | Flutter Europe

Flutter was created to make beautiful apps but do we really know how to use it? When coming across complex designs we might think that they are impossible to implement or too difficult to handle without weeks of development. In this talk, I will show you how you can approach complex designs and translate them into widgets. We will look closely at some mobile designs, break them down and figure out how to code them.

- Flutter: The new ‘animations’ package explained

The Flutter team recently dropped a great new transitions package, based on the new Material 2 design spec, the somewhat ambiguously-named: animations package.

- Everything you need to know about Provider — Rémi Rousselet | Flutter Europe

Since the latest Google IO talk about state management, the package “provider” is rapidly gaining in popularity. In this talk, we will first see what provider is and what are the benefits of using it. Then we will see simple examples of how to implement common use-cases. This talk is for newcomers to Flutter/provider. Prior experience in Flutter is appreciated but not required.

- Real-time Object Detection App with Flutter and YOLO v3

Flutter real-time object detection App with Paddle-Lite and YOLO v3.

- Flutter Animation : Creating a beautiful icon using flutter explicit animation

In this video I am going to make an animated icon using custom animation in flutter. In the first part I am trying to explain the animation concepts and how to combine bits and pieces in flutter so that our animation become delightful. Later I am showing you how to make the animation practically by live code.

- Ural — A screenshot organizer that finds your screenshot by searching its contents

We take a screenshot on our phone whenever we feel it’s important. But when we need it at a crucial time you have to manually browse through each screenshot to find the correct one.

- enviro_sensors 1.0.1

A plugin that enables calling native device enviroment sensors. Readings are sent over an EventChannel and can be accessed with a listener to a Dart Stream.

Currently, only android enviroment sensors streams are implemented.

- ResponsiveFramework

Easily make Flutter apps responsive. Automatically adapt UI to different screen sizes. Responsiveness made simple.

- Silent Coding: Animating ListView

In this video we will learn how we can animate entry of the ListView widget using AnimationController and Animation and some built in Flutter widget.

- ClipPath (Flutter Widget of the Week)

Do you want your widget to have a unique shape? ClipPath allows you to define your own widget shapes! Given a CustomerClipper and a path that you define, ClipPath will constrain the widget’s visible area to within this path.

- Helm — A Flutter app that gamifies stress/anxiety/depression management

💪 Helm is an app that gamifies stress/anxiety/depression management in an actionable manner to provide relief.

- VelocityX

A minimalistic flutter framework released

- Flutter Full Project | Flutter Blog — Ep. 3 — Logging in, Home Screen, Bottom Sheet

In this episode of flutter blog tutorial series for beginners / mid — level coders, we code logging in, we finish out the home screen, and we start a bottom sheet that is reactive and stateful. This is a little longer of an episode because I tried to be very descriptive, especially with “BuildContext”.

- Neumorphic Progress Painter | Flutter | Completed Neumorphic Timer App

Finished the creating a functional neumorphic timer app. A simple walk through on creating a a neumorphic progress bar. It uses CustomPaint to draw the progress bar. Moreover, we use gradient to colour it!

- GraphQL + Flutter

If you are here that means you are seeking some information or knowledge or implementation technique of GraphQL, before going over the implementation of it with flutter you need to know what is it and why we need to implement it because without having a basic knowledge it might be a waste of time. So let’s take a look by Shivanchal Pandey

- Implicit animations: Fade In Animation

A Simple Implicit Animation for Fading In a Widget using an AnimatedOpacity.

- Visual Studio Code vs Android Studio — Functionality, Search and Source Control

Nowadays, we have choices to make, not only related to what languages and frameworks we use to make our apps, but also the tooling that we use to accomplish this task. This topic is somewhat surprisingly hotly contested, with people avidly defending “their” IDE and plugins over another IDE.

- Flutter Facebook Sign In (with Firebase) in 2020

A good login flow is essential for an amazing user experience. It has been possible for years now to sign in with Facebook in your flutter app. by Karel Debedts

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