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FlutterForce — #Week 76

- Announcing Flutter 1.17

Today we’re pleased to announce Flutter 1.17, our first stable release of 2020. by Chris Sells

- Announcing Dart 2.8

Today we’re announcing a new release of the Dart SDK, version 2.8. We’re continuing to see amazing growth in the Dart community; we now have millions of Flutter developers using Dart as their client-optimized language for building fast apps on any platform. by Michael Thomsen

- Building Games in Flutter with Flame

Flame is a Flutter minimalist 2d game engine. In this 2 hour long video I will be doing an explanation going step by step trough the Documented Tutorial

- Recreating Spotify card with Flutter

The UI we’re trying to replicate today are Spotify cards, displayed in the screenshot below. I’m going to show you how easy it is to do it in Flutter using simple widgets. This is how powerful their UI Framework is.

- How to Build an App with Flutter — Part 3. Creating a Beautiful Home Screen

Learn how to build your first app with Flutter. This time we will focus on creating home screen.

- adv_fab

AdvFAB is An Advanced floating action button that expands itself to reveal its hidden widget. It can also be used as an AnimatedbottomNavigationbar or just an AnimatedFloatingActionBar with the same expansion capabilities.

- Flutter.dev: Understanding constraints

When someone learning Flutter asks you why some widget with width:100 isn’t 100 pixels wide, the default answer is to tell them to put that widget inside of a Center, right?

Don’t do that.

- Making Platform Specific UI Mobile Application (Android with Material, iOS with Cupertino)

This is continuation from my previous article about flutter and material with cupertino widgets.

As previously you got brief insides, of which widgets can be represent native look for Apple users, now I’ll show you from practical part, how easily and quickly it can be done. by Aurimas Deimantas

- How to Create Flutter Animated Logo with CustomPainter

FlutterLogo is a really handy widget. But what if we want to have it animated like in some of the Flutter team videos? We can try to do it with Rive, but let’s challenge ourselves and do it in pure Dart.

- Flutter : Everything about Stack..

AStack Widget contains list of widgets and it place them one on top the other. As a result while rendering, It renders them from the ground up position — bottom to top. by Parth Raval

- Flutter UI | Speed code | Files App Design

This video will show you how to code the Files App Design using Flutter.

- Lara Martín: WebViews on Flutter. Does it really work?

WebViews are not the most loved UI controllers, but they have been used on Android and iOS for a very long time. Now we are all building apps with Flutter, so what happened with our beloved WebViews?

- An easy way to switch between dark and light theme in Flutter

Changing the theme in runtime and persisting it was always a headache…
But not anymore, No Bloc nor Provider logic are required, just the easy way…
by Khalil Mejdi

- How to create your own pull to refresh in Flutter

A few months ago in a project that I was working on, there was a need to create a custom refresh indicator to replace the default indicator provided with a flutter material library. Back in those days, I found it really hard to find some simple solutions or packages that will provide basic functionality on which I will be able to implement it. The one and only thing that I was able to find was liquid_pull_to_refresh package that was just modification of the default material design refresh indicator widget, and I was like… by Kamil Klyta

- Using Hive instead of SharedPreferences for storing preferences

It might not seem like an intuitive choice, but there are a couple of good reasons why you might consider using hive over shared_preferences for storing UserDefaults / Preferences by Michal Baran

- Padding (Flutter Widget of the Week)

In an app with lots of widgets, things often get crowded. By using the Padding widget, you can add some space on any or all sides of a widget!

- Flutter: Handling your network API calls like a legend using Provider

In my previous Flutter article I delved extensively into utilising Bloc architecture and Bloc’s to handle and manage our Flutter network API calls easily.

In this article I’d like to cover a different method for managing and hooking up our API network calls using Provider, an incredible state management library, that is simpler to use, better to manage and easier to understand than using Bloc’s! :) by Ryan Godlonton-Shaw

- Configure your Flutter Environment in the Proper Way

Unlike 99% of all articles, when the copy/paste approach is suggested to build an application for multiple environments, in this one I will focus on cases when you have exactly one entry point with an environment specific configuration being generated for your app with one small CLI command.

- OctoImage

An image library for showing placeholders, error widgets and transform your image.

- mailto

The mailto package helps you build mailto links and provides you with an idiomatic Dart interface that:

  • supports one or many to, cc, and bcc fields
  • supports custom body and subject for the emails
  • encodes every value for your correctly
  • is blazingly fast ⚡️😜

Thanks for reading!

Leave a comment below or tweet me if with any questions/suggestions, or adding resources.



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