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FlutterForce — #Week 77

- Flutter design challenge: onboarding concept

There are lots and lots of tutorials, articles out there on how to make custom UIs, applications using Dart + Flutter, but the majority of them covers only the HOW part (how to implement a specific component, animation, etc.), but usually the WHY part (why is it implemented in a certain way) is left somewhere else. This article covers the whole thought process on how to convert the design into code: explains HOW to do it and WHY it is done like this. There is a lot to cover, so brace yourself! by Mangirdas Kazlauskas

- Announcing Adobe XD support for Flutter

Our goal with Flutter is to provide a rich canvas for creative expression. With native performance on iOS and Android, full control over every pixel rendered on the screen, and the ability to iterate rapidly with stateful hot reload, we want to unleash the potential of designers and developers to build beautiful experiences that aren’t limited by artificial technical boundaries. by Tim Sneath

Flutter — How I create beautiful UIs — Basics Tutorial

In this tutorial I will show you how I start my flutter projects and what are the most common widgets that I use.

- Shots

🥃 A party game that lets you learn more about your friends: Provider + Hive + swipeable_card

- Rody Davis: Building Adaptive UI/UX in Flutter

When developing with a cross platform framework there are new problems you are faced with that you do not get when designing for native or web. When we build UI we need to create adaptive experiences that go from a watch, passive modes on a TV or voice only, mobile devices, desktops and everything in between. It takes extra work but if you follow these patterns you will save a lot of time later.

- justBreathe

A minimal meditation app. There’s no paid courses and no subscriptions. It’s just you, the mind, and the breath.

- Announcing Flutter Modular 1.2

Today, a new version of Modular arrived, and for those that doesn’t know Modular yet, it’s a package really inspired in Angular architecture that provides dependency injection, modular structure and navigation system for scalable applications. by Kelven Galvão

- Flutter Generative Art: The Easy Way

Generative art in Flutter is still relatively new. However, there is a lot of fascinating artwork coming from all around the world with different techniques for creating it. It is safe to say Robert Felker started the trend with his dArt series and looking at his examples, I thought of creating a way of doing that of my own. With the extra time from the global situation, I went ahead.by Deven Joshi

- Flutter : NavigationRail Widget — New in v1.17

As a dev, who has active apps on App stores and hundreds of thousands of users who depend on it, it’s particularly difficult to keep track of every new framework/API being launched every day. We tend to be happy with the tools we have mastered already and only look to change it, when absolutely necessary. by Ankit Chowdhury

- Flutter Web | Add Firebase Authentication and Google Sign in

In this tutorial we will add Firebase Authentication and Google Sign in to a Flutter web application. Beginner friendly.

- Flutter: ValueNotifier Simplified, “Explain it to me like I’m 5”

A simple approach to using ValueNotifier for State Management in Flutter.

- Enforce stricter types in Flutter

I just started to migrate my Simple Animations package to an updated rule set of pendantic. I thought this is a good occasion to write something about that “hidden gem”. by Felix Blaschke

- Displaying a list of charts in Flutter

Recently while developing an application, I came across a use case to display a list of charts in ListView of Flutter framework. I could not find a single article to implement the same so I thought of sharing my own solution to it. by Indresh Arora

- Flutter — Responsive — Bootstrap like solution

Flutter does not come with any built-in solution for responsive layout for Web Application. This article gives a pseudo-Bootstrap Grid system solution.

- State Management with Stacked in Flutter

This videos shows how to take care of common functionalities using the stacked package for state management in Flutter.

Thanks for reading!

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