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FlutterForce — #Week 86

- Full-Stack Flutter: Creating a Backend for Your App With AWS & Serverless

We are going to cover setting up a database, with NoSQL through AWS (known as DynamoDb), creating APIs using API Gateway & Serverless with Node (you can also use python), and Handling API calls in your Flutter application to perform CRUD operations to your newly created database. by BleylDev

- graphview

Flutter GraphView is used to display data in graph structures. It can display Tree layout and Directed graph.

- Login Page — Complete E-Commerce App Flutter UI

We are gonna build our Sign in, Forgot Password screen with a custom error indicator by using flutter.

- stories_for_flutter

A customizable flutter package that allows you to use Instagram like stories, or WhastApp like statuses in your Flutter app easily, made without using external dependencies.

- smart_reply

Generate relevant replies to messages using MLKit with an on-device model so no messages are sent to a server.

- Flutter Web: Razorpay Payment Gateway Integration

How to integrate razorpay payment gateway on flutter web platform using razorpay web integration method. by Subhendu Pratap Singh

- Simple State Management in Flutter using Streams

The first question, that probably comes to your mind after reading the title, is: why should I bother about another state management solution?

The answer is: using streams for state management is simpler. by Jakub Neander

- Byteconf Flutter 2020

Byteconf Flutter is a 100% free remote #flutterdev conference.

-SuperDeclarative : Flutter Color Picker [Widget Workshop]

Today we’re building a color picker Widget in Flutter that is used to select different paint colors in an online store.

- Adding Support for Android TV to Flutter

In this article, You can learn how to add support for your existing apps to run on Android TVs and how you can enable navigation using the remote control. by Mushthaq Mohammed

- Flutter + Firestore: You may be using it wrong

Cloud Firestore can be very powerful when coupled with Flutter, but also tricky for Production-Ready Apps where a good architecture is paramount.

Firebase Cloud Firestore’s Flutter integration is nothing short of amazing. It takes advantage of Dart’s language features, enabling fast development cycles with almost zero backend code. But as Uncle Ben once said: “With great power comes great responsibility” or in our case: All that flexibility can come at a price. by Michel Feinstein

- Dart & Flutter Easy Wins 1–7 | Code With Andrea

I recently started a series of daily tweets about easy ways to improve your Dart & Flutter code. I called this Easy Wins.

- customizable_date_picker

  • Fully Customizable with Custom Builders.
  • Can Attach dynamic Data to each day.
  • Default Version, Ready to Use.

- list_tile_switch

ListTileSwitch is a simple widget that combines ListTile with a switch. Offering 3 types of switch widgets:

  1. Switch: Material Switch from Material library on Flutter SDK.
  2. CupertinoSwitch: CupertinoSwitch from Cupertino library on Flutter SDK.
  3. A custom switch.

- Unit Testing and Mocks with Flutter

We have been putting off unit tests for quite some time now, but we officially start the journey into unit testing. We’re going to start from the very basics to get a complete understanding of everything, and add on more complex things as we go. This video goes over some very basic tests including ones with Mocks. Tests are absolutely crucial if you are planning to release your app to the public.

Thanks for reading!

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