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FlutterForce — #Week 9

- LayoutBuilder (Flutter Widget of the Week)

LayoutBuilder can help you see how big your widget is going to be before you finalize how it’s going to look. It’s builder function has parameters for build context and the incoming box constraints.

- Flutter Layout in a nutshell

After a struggle with Flutter’s Layout System for a while, it seems he has passed the aha moment, so let’s talk about it.

- Flutter Starter Kit — App Store Example

A starter kit for beginner learns with Bloc pattern, RxDart, sqflite, Fluro and Dio to architect a flutter project. This starter kit build an App Store app as a example. Good start for starting this tools in Flutter.

- Introducing Square In-App Payments — Including Flutter Plugin

A secure, customizable in-app payment solution for iOS, Android, and Flutter.

- kt.dart — Kotlin like collections for your Flutter business logic

No matter how great Flutter is, using Dart feels like a step backwards when coming from Kotlin. I understand the reasoning why Dart was chosen as Flutters language but I miss Kotlins feature rich standard library. That’s why I decided to port it to Dart. Welcome kt.dart!

- Developing and debugging Flutter apps for iOS without a Mac

It is possible to hot reload and hot restart your Flutter app on your iOS devices without having to use a Mac just like you can with Android devices! Here’s how

- Sqflite — Playing around with Flutter and Simple Database

Find out how to setup a database for your Flutter projects using sqflite.

- Introduction to Dart — Part 1: Variables and Types

This video includes an introduction to Dart and an overview of variables, types, and type inference.

- Flutter — LayoutBuilder Widget #1

- Simple Flutter Patterns

Dealing with Side-Effects in Flutter

Thanks for reading!

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