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FlutterForce — #Week 90

Production of FlutterForce — #Week 90 supported by Localazy.com, the modern way of multilingual development for Flutter apps

- Announcing Flutter 1.22

Supporting iOS 14 and Android 11, new i18n and l10n support, Google Maps and WebView plugins ready for production, a new App Size tool and much more! by Chris Sells

- Announcing Dart 2.10

A new, unified dart tool for all core tasks. Also, an update on null safety timelines and migration principles.

By: Michael Thomsen & Kevin Moore

This release features a new, unified Dart developer tool: a single tool for all your developer needs like creating projects, analyzing and formatting code, running tests, and compiling apps. We also have an update on the null safety roadmap and timelines, and a discussion of the principles for migrating existing code to null safety.

- Google Pay 2.118 confirms the old app will be replaced by the Flutter one

Last week, the Google Pay team announced that the Google Pay for India app (formerly called “Tez”) is getting a major design rewrite with Flutter, Google’s open-source UI development kit.

- Flutter’s new navigation and routing system

This article explains how Flutter’s new Navigator and Router API works. If you follow Flutter’s open design docs, you might have seen these new features referred to as Navigator 2.0 and Router. We’ll explore how these APIs enable more fine-tuned control over the screens in your app and how you can use it to parse routes. by John Ryan

- My first Flutter package: Microsoft Fluent UI Icons

In this article I want to show my first Flutter package that I published on pub.dev. I will tell you why I wanted to make a Flutter package and the steps that led me to publish it.

- Terminal emulator written in Flutter

Experimental cross-platform terminal emulator application written in Flutter.

- Auto Size Text in Flutter w/ AutoSizeText Package

Responsiveness is indispensable for best user experiences. Auto size text in flutter is a great addition to that. Make your app text automatically resize with the auto_size_text package from Hive creator & developer Simon Leier.

- Flutter Music Player

TuneIn is a cross-platform Music Player Built for Android for the moment, It allows the management of Songs, automatic mapping into Albums/Artists, Tag (song details) Changing.

You can also Cast your songs to start playing on any UPnP capable device, like your smart TV, fireStick, Chromecast, …

Internationalization in Flutter 1.22+

Now in Flutter 1.22 this feature went stable and it’s even better than it was during the beta!

In short, the new internationalization support works like this:

  1. Messages that should be localized are defined in an ARB template file.
  2. Translations are defined in an ARB file per language that should be supported.
  3. Flutter’s internationalization support generates Dart code for localized messages automatically.

- flutter_mentions

A simple flutter input widget to add @ mentions functionality to your app

- eBay Motors: Accelerating with Flutter

Today Larry and his team have positioned eBay among the first enterprise companies to use Flutter in a production app. Larry will discuss the challenges they faced in combining two development teams, from different backgrounds and different approaches, into one cohesive unit. He will also do a deep dive into how they built the app, including code sharing, platform integrations, automated testing, and how Flutter continues to deliver unexpected benefits.

- Flutter Resources

A list of Free Flutter resources that will help people get started with Flutter.

- future_button

Customizable Material and Cupertino buttons with progress indicators.

Useful if you want to run some background tasks when user presses on the button.

- couchbase_lite_dart

A full-featured embedded NoSQL database that runs locally on mobile devices

This is a Dart port of the Couchbase Lite database, built on top of the Couchbase Lite C library (CBL_C) using dart.ffi.

- Stripe Checkout in Flutter Web

Flutter Web is getting more mature every day. I believe it’s about the time we should start focusing on migrating all the Flutter mobile knowledge to the browser environment. In that spirit, after writing an article on using Stripe Checkout in mobile Flutter apps, I think I should also show you how to easily collect payments on the web and that’s what this article is about.

- Flutter tutorial: Using smartphone sensors to display a speedometer

Communicating with the hardware of a phone can be tricky in Flutter because it abstracts from the hardware and even the OS. However, regarding the accelerometer, there is an official package that is extremely simple to use.

Let’s utilize this package to show a speedometer that indicates the speed the smartphone is currently moving at.

- reactive_validator

Reactive Validator is a type safe validation manager package for Streams and Value Notifiers.

It provides ability to define scoped validation rules for set of stream or value listenable objects. Also it allows to manage error state manually to collect validation response from the Server or any other resource.

- Flutter 1.22 Released | Top 20 Major Improvements

In this video, we will talk about the new flutter stable release v1.22 and the new dart release v2.10. We will see all the latest features and improvements.

Thanks for reading!

Leave a comment below or tweet me if with any questions/suggestions, or adding resources.



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