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FlutterForce — #Week 91

Production of FlutterForce — #Week 91 supported by Localazy.com, the modern way of multilingual development for Flutter apps

- clean_settings

Settings UI generator with sane defaults.

Creating a settings screen requires the same boiler plate code over and over. Settings also need a rich set of widgets to cover all possible cases. This library aims to provide sane defaults while creating a setting screen.

- Navigation done right: a case for hierarchical routing with Flutter

In this article, I’ll briefly describe navigation principles we’ve been applying on our Android project at Bolt that I found useful when building two Flutter apps on my own, what problems these principles solve, and how they can be implemented with minimum code amount using just the framework-provided Navigator. by Yaroslav Shevchuk

- Make 2048 With Flutter

Create the addictive classic, 2048, from scratch.

- Random Color Scheme

Making a coherent Material Design theme is hard. This is a Flutter plugin that generates a random color pallet based on Material Design while respecting WCAG guidelines.

- Day and Night Mood Animation — Flutter Animation — Speed Code

In this flutter animation video, we fully focused on animation so we already provide our full UI in the starting section. We always try to provide a simple way of doing stuff and We just use AnimatedContainer and AnimatedPosition for building this animation, with no complex animation controller. Hope you like it👍.

- How to apply BLoC pattern to an existing app

There are numerous documentations on the web explaining the purpose of the BLoC pattern and how it’s applied to minimal examples. This tutorial aims for the migration of an existing app to this state management architecture.

For that, we use the calculator app whose creation was explained in another tutorial. The whole app’s state is managed by a StatefulWidget. Let’s tweak it to let the entire state be managed by a BLoC which will lead to a separation of the UI from the business logic.

- Flutter Shape Maker | Auto-Generate Custom Paint Code

This is an announcement video for “Flutter Shape Maker” which is a new Tool to Auto-Generate Custom Paint code by Hand Made shape. We will go through the features provided by this app and will create a Bottom Navigation Bar to demonstrate the functionality.

- Scheduling and managing Google Meet events in Flutter

In this article, I will show how you can use the Google Calendar API to schedule and manage Google Meet video conference events in Flutter. Using this API, you can also add attendees for an event and even send email notifications to them. by Codemagic

- functional_listener

Extension functions on ValueListenable that allows you to work with them almost as if it was a synchronous stream. Each extension function returns a new ValueNotifier that updates its value when the value of this changes. You can chain these functions to build complex processing pipelines from a simple ValueListenable.

- wakelock

Plugin that allows you to keep the device screen awake, i.e. prevent the screen from sleeping on Android, iOS, and web.

- How to use forms in flutter easy tutorial

In this brief explanation i want to show you in the most easy way possible how you can create a form and how it works.

- Flutter Firebase Twitter Authentication

Authenticating your Flutter apps with Firebase is simple enough when you just want to use standard email and password sign in. Google also unsuprisingly makes it easy if you want to use Google Sign In. However, in today’s world users often expect to have the choice to authenticate with other existing social providers like Twitter. In this article we will walk through how to authenticate your users with Twitter and Firebase over the standard oauth1 protocol!

- Performance testing on the web

During development, we often want to test an app’s performance in the browser. Performance testing is useful, as it reveals potential bugs that make an app slower.

This article describes a way to test an app’s performance in Chrome. This method is similar to how we test the new Flutter Gallery’s performance. by Tianguang Zhang

Thanks for reading!

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