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FlutterForce — #Week 94

Production of FlutterForce — #Week 94 supported by Localazy.com, the modern way of multilingual development for Flutter apps

- FlutterFlow

FlutterFlow supports easy integration with Firebase and downloading generated Flutter code. You can also deploy your applications directly to both the iOS and Android app stores!

Building mobile applications has never been easier.

- Flutter Custom Paint — Made Easy with Flutter Shape Maker

Custom Paint to me is one of the most useful and powerful widgets, offered by Flutter. Almost every other day I find myself creating something unique with Custom Paint. But, with Great Power comes a lot of Complexity… At least in the beginning it might seem so.

Recently I made a tutorial on creating complex Bottom Navigation Bars or Shapes, in general, using Custom Paint, and in that, I tried to explain the concept of creating quadratic bezier curves, calculating reference points, arcs, and so on. by Paras Jain

- How to build responsive layout in Flutter

Flutter, being a cross-platform app development framework, supports devices with widely varying screen sizes: It can run on a device as small as a smartwatch to devices like a large TV. It’s always a challenge to adapt your app to such a variety of screen sizes and pixel densities using the same codebase.

There is no hard-and-fast rule for designing a responsive layout in Flutter. In this article, I will show you some of the approaches that you can follow while designing such a layout.

Before moving on to building responsive layouts in Flutter, I would like to shed some light on how Android and iOS handle layouts for different screen sizes natively.

- Develop an iOS 14 Widget in Flutter with SwiftUI

Damn, I really want to create an iOS 14 homescreen widget, but my app runs on Flutter. So I guess it’s not possible? 🤕

Thanks god, you are wrong and you are in the right place. In this article, I will show you how to create an iOS Widget-Extension for your Flutter App. by Thomas Leiter

- icalendar_parser

Package to parse iCalendar (.ics) files written in pure Dart.

Implementation of AnyFetch’s ics-parser in JavaScript.

- Create your own Flutter shortcuts and snippets

Creating Flutter snippets will definitely help increase your productivity. However, don’t go overboard with it. Or not.

- Better data processing in Flutter

Today I updated the ⚡️ Supercharged package for Flutter with some interesting new features for data processing. As of today Supercharged ranks #20 in Flutter packages and it’s going to improve in future iterations. by Felix Blaschke

- binder

A lightweight, yet powerful way to bind your application state with your business logic.

- Flutter Folder Structure and Packages

Understanding the basics of folder structure and packages is important topics that not many cover. Here we will learn different types of folder structure as well as how we can use dart packages to our own advantage.

- How to build a Calendar app using TableCalendar & Sqflite in Flutter with Dark Mode | Flutter Builds

In this video, I’ll be creating a calendar app using TableCalendar and Sqflite in Flutter. This is a different format I wanted to try to make sped up videos of me coding with a narrative-style explanation for what I’m doing. If you like this format and would like to see more of it, let me know down in the comments!

- Professional Flutter Workflow: VSCode Extensions and Shortcuts

VSCode is one of the most popular editors for making Flutter apps due to its great integration and extensions. These extensions and shortcuts save me a huge amount of time every day. I hope these tips will help out beginners and advanced users alike.

- Deep Dive Into The Pubspec.yaml File

Whether we are starting a new Flutter project for web, mobile or desktop, there are two thing that will be common in all projects: the pubspec.yaml and pubspec.lock files. In this article we will explore the pubspec.yaml file - what it is and what we can do with it. by Gonçalo Palma

- Rendering — Flutter Deep Dive

Rendering — Flutter Deep Dive After going through what Widgets really are, we need to take a look at how Flutter renders widgets onto the actual device. How does flutter go from Widget tree to pixels on the screen. All this explained and showed off in this video.

- Flutter Color Generator

This simple tool can be used to generate main color and its shades for Flutter

The result can be used in Color.fromRGBO() and Color.fromARGB() to define color in a Flutter app.

- TuneIn Mobile Music Player Made With Flutter Demo

TuneIn is a music player app created with Flutter that lets you listen, organize, and cast your local song library. It has a great UI and a dynamic theme based on what you are listening to. It supports custom and native Notification controls or none if you want. It can cast to any device with UPnP capable media renderer.

- Dart on the AWS Ecosystem with Jonathan Böcker

In this episode, Jonathan Böcker joins the show to talk about his experience running Dart code on AWS to combine the developer experience benefits of Dart with the operational benefits of AWS.

- What are Extension Methods and its use in Flutter?

This article will help you to understand what are extension methods and what is it’s use. by Vipin Vijayan

- Flutter App: Synchronize local Sembast DB with a Cloud DB

In this article we will be talking about how to sync your on device Sembast DB to a DB running in cloud.

There are many use-cases where you would want to store the data locally on the device first. For example: Restaurant POS app, Retail Store POS app, Warehouse inventory management app. Basically any use-case where you don’t want the operation to be blocked because of network availability. by k8scale.io

- Color Blindness on Flutter

Every app has colors. How to make sure they are accessible? How to avoid accessibility issues as other people in the same project start to change the Color Scheme?

- fsm2

FMS2 provides an implementation of the core design aspects of the UML state diagrams. Derived from the FSM library which in turn was inspired by Tinder StateMachine library. State Machines transitions can be defined both declaratively and procedurally.

Guard Conditions from the UML 2 specification are also supported. FSM2 uses a builder to delcare each state machine. Your application may declare as many statemachines as necessary.

- Dependency Manager — An Approach to Multiple Repositories in Flutter

At 3Rein, our goal is to provide highly adaptable solutions that streamline operations in the equine industry. We aim to improve the welfare of horses and provide a competitive edge to athletes by using novel, scalable technologies to reduce administrative responsibilities through digitization and to improve services through automation. by Gonçalo Palma

- Flutter consume data with Http Get and Http Post

Flutter given a package called http to consume data from the internet.To use http we need to add http package in pubspec.yaml file.
This call will have other properties like
await and async features while fetching the data.

Thanks for reading!

Leave a comment below or tweet me if with any questions/suggestions, or adding resources.



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