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FlutterForce — #Week 95

Production of FlutterForce — #Week 95 supported by Localazy.com, the modern way of multilingual development for Flutter apps

- Adopt a Widget

Flutter is an open source project hosted on GitHub, and making the documentation better helps everyone! So, for the month of November, we’re extending a special invitation to contribute to the Flutter project by choosing a Widget and improving its API documentation.

- Awesome Flutter tips and tricks

Compiled 100 Flutter tips in 5 pages of 20 awesome flutter tips. Hope if it will help be beginners and intermediates.

- Learn How To Implement Pagination with Flutter

Pagination can be pretty hard to write yourself. That is why we are going over on how we can implement it from scratch

- Fingerprint Authentication System in Flutter

In this tutorial,you will see how you can implement a fingerprint authentication system in flutter for android application. nowadays many phones are equipped with a fingerprint sensor which makes login and local authentication easier for the user and more secure than using a password.

- InteractiveViewer (Widget of the Week)

Is your widget just too big to be viewed on a tiny phone screen? We’ve got a widget for that! Wrap your humongous widget with InteractiveViewer to zoom, squeeze, customize, limit, pan, and more.

- Flutter State 5 Ways

In this post, you will see the same application and demonstrate how to implement shared state using the same patterns across 5 different libraries from authors that I am fond of. These libraries range from popular to obscure and new to old.

-Zero to app: Livecoding a cross platform app with Firebase and Flutter

Coding an app for multiple platforms has never been easier thanks to cross-platform toolkits like Flutter. Similarly, thanks to backend-as-a-service platforms like Firebase, building a multi-user experience on a secure, serverless, scalable infrastructure can be done quickly and simply. In this talk, learn how to build an app from scratch that allows you to run live polls of your users. To make this talk even more exciting, while we’re building this app, we ran polls from our app for you, our awesome viewers, to interact with live.

- tasty_toast

A simple package which shows a toast on the screen. By default bottomCenter, but using Alignment you can place it anywhere. I've created this package because I was looking for something similar, but didn't like how other packages handled my (simple) usecase.

- Build Flutter Blog App From Scratch | Flutter Tutorial For Beginners

Learn how to Build a Flutter Blog App From Scratch Step by Step, Using Firebase Firestore Database, Firebase Storage to store images, using Streams to load blogs in sync with data online and much more.

- Flutter Soccer Live Score App

In this blog post, I will show you how to make a football Scoreboard app using Flutter, for this tutorial we will use this API: https://www.api-football.com/

this is a nice tutorial where you will learn how to make an HTTP request from a REST API with flutter, so without further ado let’s begin

- Figma to Flutter: How to create Travel App in Flutter

I break down on how to create a travel app in Flutter

- Flutter Glitch effect

I’m experimenting with creating a glitch effect. Maybe it could be helpful for somebody.

- Riverpod State Management

In this guide, we will use Riverpod to add state to different scenarios using the providers that the package has. There are a lot of state management packages out there and this guide will not compare or state that Riverpod is the best. I used to use Provider and then moved to Riverpod. This guide will cover how to use Riverpod with Flutter (without hooks), assuming you understand why it is important to manage state in an application.

- Flutter Flipping Switch | Widget Workshop | SuperDeclarative!

Today we’re building a 3D flipping switch.

- Background Video Upload to Firebase Storage with Flutter

I’ve written a few posts about video uploading to Firebase Storage from Flutter.

One thing that I have found really missing is background uploads — a way to upload large video files that will continue uploading even if the app is closed.

Seems like the Firebase team are planning on adding this feature, but in the meanwhile, here is an alternative way to accomplish it. by Jonathan Perry

- Accessible expression with Material Icons and Flutter

Material Design and Flutter both help developers build experiences that are flexible, accessible, and expressive, while delivering great performance and efficiency. Now we’re pleased to give you even more ways to create distinctive UIs with improved support for Material Icons in Flutter. by André Labonté

- flutter_admob_app_open

Flutter bridge to Admob App Open Beta. Supports using Admob App Open Beta. See https://developers.google.com/admob/android/app-open-ads for more information about Admob App Open.

- reference_parser

A dart package that parses strings for bible references. You can parse single references or multiple references from a string in a variety of formats.

- contained_tab_bar_view

ContainedTabBarView encapsulates TabController, TabBar and TabBarView into a single, easy to use Widget and lets you customize its appearance without worrying about internal workings of "TabBar ecosystem".

- flutter_protected_work

A Flutter package that helps you to protect your work against greedy clients not willing to pay by letting you to remotely control the app’s usability.

- Building a Flutter app with DateTime Picker

With the Flutter date time picker plugin, we can add Date and Time picker to our Native applications.

In this post, we are going to create a Flutter application with the Date & Time feature.

- Flutter Web: A Fractal of Bad Design

The web has a long and rich history dating back to the nineties at CERN. Back then Tim Berners-Lee laid the foundation of HTML that is still around today. There have been attempts to replace it with varying success but none have been successful, for good reason. HTML and the later invention of CSS are a remarkably powerful set of tools to build all kinds of experiences on the web. People are still trying to replace HTML, which brings us to the topic of this post: Flutter Web.

- Why Flutter Developer could be a $1Mn job?

Flutter is becoming a rage these days. Developers around the world are exploring this technology that has the potential to change the world of application development. There are many cross-platform development frameworks in the market, but no one matches the essence of Flutter. In this article, we will project our future vision for the Flutter and why being a Flutter Developer would be financially rewarding.

Thanks for reading!

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