FlutterForce — #Week 157

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5 min readFeb 20, 2022


- Custom shaped AppBar as seen in the “Bunny Search” app

Well hello there! Before we dive in, let me quickly introduce myself and what this tutorial is about. My name is Daria, I’m a Flutter developer at Chili Labs. I’m also the co-founder (oh, fancy 😂) and the only developer of the “Bunny Search” app. by Daria Orlova

- Reduce your flutter web app loading time

Do you know this problem, when you are working on a web app with flutter and after weeks of working you are ready to release your app, You deploy it, you open the app in your browser to enjoy the wonderful work you have done. But the app takes too long to start!! by Schaban Bochi

- Niku

Compose Flutter UI from utilies Widget and extensions with dot cascade. Fluently developing without headache and Nested Hell.

- floating_bottom_bar

This package will animate a floating action button at the center and icons at the bottomNavigationBar using AnimatedContainer and SlideTransition respectively.

- Add web support to your Flutter mobile app

I started playing around with Flutter a few weeks ago and implemented my first demo app. You can find my first impressions and thoughts in this blogpost.

As Flutter is mainly known to be a cross mobile os app framework, obviously this was also the first thing for me to try. But the Flutter team promises something a lot bigger. On their website they state very prominently: by Eugen Sawitzki

- Flutter Responsive UI — Android, iOS, Desktop & Web — Speed Code

The latest update, #Flutter 2.10, makes it just as easy to make apps for Windows as it is for Android and iOS. It means a wide range of screen sizes, so you need to make sure that your apps work fine on mobile phones, tabs, and also on a larger screen like desktop or web. So today I’m gonna show you how to make a responsive UI on flutter.

- Flutter: Using Keyboard Actions To Improve Mobile User Experience

This post covers three options for customizing an iOS or Android keyboard in a Flutter mobile application, with a code walkthrough of using the Keyboard Actions package to easily add keyboard features that increase user efficiency.

- Networking In Flutter: 🔥Interceptors🔥

What is Auth and How Does It Work? What is Interceptor? How to add Interceptors to Network Requests and Response? How to store Auth Token?

- Document your dart and Flutter packages

When you are working on a package that you want to share with others, either on pub.dev or internally with your team, you should provide documentation for your public API.

Luckily, we have a great example, the Flutter framework has really great documentation with lots of examples, code snippets.

We can make our package just as nice as the Flutter framework by writing our documentation as doc comments.

- super_responsive

Super Responsive

A responsive library for Flutter that is easy to use and easy to read, makes your app look great on all devices, makes your app more readable, makes your app more maintainable

- Dart: Convert/Parse JSON String, Array into List/Object

In this Dart/Flutter lesson, we’re going look at how to convert/parse JSON text into Object, Nested Object, how to parse JSON array, array of JSON items into List. Finally, complicated JSON may be parsed into Nested Objects (that also contains array as a field).

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