Flutter At Home Weekly Update 3


Welcome to week three of our Flutter At Home series — a week full of stories, and awesome activities.


  1. We now have a total of 39 participants who finished the App Brewery course! 🎉
  2. We released the t-shirt design for the swag 👕
  3. Our team hosted the webinar of Majid from Norway 🇳🇴
  4. Two upcoming webinars from Pakistan 🇵🇰 and the Philippines 🇵🇭
  5. Shoutout to our Slack heroes 🦸
  6. Showcase apps from our community 📱

Flutter Graduates

We now have a total of 39 participants who finished the Intro to Flutter course on App Brewery. That means you still have the time and chance to get a Flutter swag from us!


Got some love for swag? Then join us as we learn Flutter together 💙. This t-shirt concept was designed by @digitaljoni.

If you have finished the Intro to Flutter course on App Brewery and you have accomplished this form, we will start reviewing your eligibility to receive a swag.

See Facebook post.


We had an amazing time watching Majid’s talk. He introduced different self-hosted and cloud-based solutions and services where you can run automated pipelines to streamline the development and release process of your applications.

To know more about the talk, please watch it on Youtube.

With Rive and Flutter, you now don’t need to worry about the possibility of your animation or the interaction you have in your mind. With Rive and Flutter, you can go beyond imaginations in animating your Flutter apps. Join the session to know how to design and animate stuff in Rive and integrate it into your Flutter apps in a blink of an eye!

Register on Meetup and watch the live stream on Youtube.

In this talk, we will be discussing how you can create explicitly animated, sequential or overlapping based animations in Flutter to show emphasis (functional animation) or create delightful experiences for your users.

Registrations open soon.

Slack heroes 📣

While others were busy writing their Flutter apps, these heroes were actively helping everyone overcome their issues and challenges building Flutter apps in our Slack workspace. Kudos!


Ian Jasper created a clone of GCash’s website in Flutter!

Some screenshots of his work:

Please visit his work on https://ianjaspersantos.github.io/gcash-clone.

Thank you and congrats, everyone! 🎉

Want your projects to be showcased? Use the hashtags #flutter #flutterdotph #flutterathome in your Facebook posts or Tweets. :)

Enjoy the weekend!

Stay safe and see you next week!

Joshua de Guzman
Volunteer, Flutter Philippines Community



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