How Flutter transformed the DX (Developer Experience)

After transformations of the UI, the UX and the CX; Flutter came in and transformed the DX (the Developer Experience)

Waleed Arshad
Mar 13 · 4 min read
I just kept the CX in that position for literally no reason

We as developers, designers, managers, product owners, CTOs, CEOs, CIOs, etc, always tend to focus on improving the user experience/customer experience in a product, but are mostly missing the fact that a bigger part of the productivity and quality product lies behind the quality of the Developer Experience (DX) of building the product.

Flutter has largely transformed the DX to a level that positively & potentially affects the development time and product quality.

Learning curve

Unlike any other platform, Flutter has a very extensive and composed official documentation. A new learner doesn’t need to go anywhere to learn Flutter, he/she can directly jump to Flutter official docs and start coding.

Running a local community in Karachi, I arranged multiple events related to Flutter in the past year, one of them was a 4-hour codelab. The codelab was related to building a complete Flutter application, and the participants were mostly people who didn’t know Flutter/Dart. Within 4 hours of coding, almost every one was being able to build a running Flutter application, consisting of network calls, navigations and intermediate level widget hierarchy. One of those developers was from an electrical/electronics background!

After this experience, I was pretty sure that one of the major reasons why developers feel so delighted by the experience is because of the easiness of learning the platform!

Dart — Java + Javascript

If Java and Javascript had a baby, it would have been Dart

Not being sure of how true the above statement can be, but Dart gives you the openness of coding like Javascript, along with letting you apply OOP concepts just like Java.

Literal cross platform

Flutter takes care of the underlying architecture and lets the developer actually build an experience.

Delightful DX helps in building a better UX.

Hot reload (state maintained)

Let’s suppose you are standing on a screen that took you 5 screen navigations, each with a network call. And you updated some padding of a component in that screen and you want to view the change now.

The above case in Flutter is so seamless that you don’t even need to load the data populated from the network call again, the changes reflect then and there without the need of navigating to the 5th screen from the beginning and that happens within a span of max 500 milliseconds. That’s stateful hot reload for you!!!

Flutter inspector

Great performance (painting custom UI on GPU)

Plugin support

Overall experience

Flutter enables you to actually think about developing experiences without worrying about the possibility of getting it done in code!

Cheers! :)


The Pub(lication) for all about the Flutter and its magic

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The Pub(lication) for all about the Flutter and its magic

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