ML Kit and Text Recognition in Flutter

Machines are learning, are you ?

Website :

ML Kit demo

ML (Machine Learning) Kit was one of the key highlights in Google I/O 2018. This kit is comprised of

  1. Image Labeling
  2. Text- Recognition
  3. Face- Detection
  4. Barcode- scanning
  5. Landmark- detection
From google site…

I decided to explore more about it and utilize the power of ML Kit in Flutter. Programmers have started working on this kit globally.

One of the efficient flutter packages, I came across was from azihsoyn

mlkit 0.4.1 — A Flutter plugin to use the Firebase ML Kit.

We simply need to import this package in our pubspec.yaml file as

Ml Kit package

ML kit is built to work with firebase. So, we create a project in firebase console

Please note that the name of your app should be same in the Firebase, your project’s manifest.xml (if playing in android) and in the app-level build.gradle (if playing in android).

app-level build.gradle
Firebase console

Include the google-services.json in the app directory of android. (one of the steps in Firebase project setup).

There is a example given by azihsoyn for how to use this package for building flutter app @

One additional package, we needed to install for getting images from gallery.

Final pubspec.yaml

import ‘package:image_picker/image_picker.dart’;

Finally, you can go ahead and run your flutter app.

App Screen

Click on the floating button and it opens gallery. You select some image and it recognizes the text from that image..

Great work by Mr. azihsoyn……..

Important links : (main.dart of the app) (for ml kit insight of program) (for ml kit project start with firebase)


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