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Mike Germano joins FLUX to build a future of abundance on the blockchain

What happens with you take a billion disenfranchised farmers, add in the news of a couple of new mega mergers “from hell” in the seed and food industry, and the general assumption that our planet’s resources are careening into a pit of peril? You call in the leading marketing mogul in the United States, Mike Germano, to lead the vision of Flux, a blockchain hardware company inventing toolkits to turn peril into prosperity.

“I started buying restaurants because I love feeding people and quickly realized how broken the food system is,” says Germano. “When I heard about Flux, it really made so much sense: taking all the grow experience and tools from cannabis growers in the United States and Canada, and then applying this know-how to feed people in developing nations, or everywhere,” says Germano, who has been involved in cryptocurrency with his venture capital firm.

Germano is shifting his base of operations from a busy Brooklyn, back to a family farm in New Jersey. He owns several restaurants in NYC and will collaborate with Flux to set up indoor grow centers for Flux to help his chefs grow novel organic herbs and edible flowers. “So many chefs love trying new and local flavours, grown and foraged in the country, but since these aren’t available year round it’s hard to include in a menu,” says Germano. “The Flux technology can help chefs and restaurants grow their own gardens of Eden in-house.”

Germano, previously the Chief Digital Officer at Vice Media, led the global digital services division. Most recently Mike spearheaded Vice’s commercial initiatives for cannabis and blockchain partnerships. Prior to VICE Mike founded the global digital agency Carrot Creative that launched innovative campaigns and products for the world’s biggest brands including Netflix, Unilever, Disney, Rolex, Chipotle, Red Bull and Pepsi.

“After working with big brands and their challenges,” says Germano, “I was literally floored when I understood the impact of applying artificial intelligence to our natural world. People are so afraid that AI will take away jobs and create some dystopic future, but it can also be used for benevolent reasons — automating some parts of food production so people have more time to do the things they love.

“Also,” he continues, “We are so used to hearing about capitalism and the destruction its causing. It’s an old narrative: that capitalism is the root of environmental collapse. What if we could see it differently as a self-correcting system. What if we could make farming a “smarter” more automated endeavor so that we have it both ways: economies boom and nature thrives?”

Germano considers himself the nerdiest guy in the room you’d want to have a drink with and is taking on the role of chief media advisor to Flux because he knows that the product and team fits what the world and his soul needs right now. “Germano will bring swagger to the Flux brand positioning, he will lead business partnerships to accelerate the adoption of the FLUX network throughout the United States and the world,” says Blake Burris, CEO.

Flux is a new environmental data protocol leveraging a global network of IoT sensors for distributed intelligence. The team has developed Eddy, an IoT sensor that speaks ‘Plant’ and it’s built in a very unified way using Israeli military sensor tech. It learns inter- and intra-species plant languages at light speed once growers are on the system feeding it data and it basically teaches itself how to automate gardens and farms in the best possible way for people and the planet.

Data is collected from growers and farmers and is put into the blockchain, kicking out the greedy middlemen and like Robin Hood, Flux can reward the good and the world’s poorest — turning a several trillion dollar agriculture industry on its head — basically within a few years.

After a successful digital career Germano invested in restaurants because “I believed feeding people was important and rewarding for the soul. Flux now offers me the potential to help connect millions of farmers and provide them with data to help themselves and their community.”

“So today I own restaurants. I want Flux to succeed: We all want transparency in the food supply chain and we all want stakeholders to earn their fair share of the pie. Blockchain gives us the power to make a complete shift to distributed, local food production. We can put the tools of success back into the farmer’s hands. I can’t wait to be part of shaping our shared future of abundance. Long live America!”

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If you would like to join our mission, get in touch via our company page on AngelList.

Flux (www.fluxtoken.io) launches a new environmental data protocol leveraging a global network of IoT sensors for distributed intelligence — all to unlock a future of abundance.



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