Intro from Jim — The Final Sprint

A few words before we start, from your old pal Jimbo

Hey guys. It’s been a long old journey to get here. When we first me we’d only just started flux and were over in the USA and Mexico writing our book and figuring out what our company was going to be.

It’s been awesome to work with you and watch you guys grow and change over the last 11 months. 2016/17 was a funny old year for lots of people. For me it was a year of exploration, relaxation, and experimentation. I feel more sure about where I am now and where I want to go. And I hope that your experience on the Academy, in Camelot, and on the Sprints has helped you to figure some stuff out too.

Let’s recap what we’ve done:

Basecamp in November

Where Emily and Tessa worked with you guys to define culture and working processes.

Sprint #1 in December — Learn the process

Where me and Tessa took you through a GV Sprint process (with 5% modification) in the amazing space at Salesforce Tower. You came up with solutions to help people and organisations do meaningful work.

Sprint #2 in February — Understand the process

Where me and Andy opened up our design and facilitation process and helped you guys to adapt the Sprint methodology to the needs of a specific group and client brief.

Sprint #3 in June — Own the process

Where me and Andy were pretty hands off. You mostly ran the Sprint on your own, but we were there to catch you when you tripped and fell a couple of times.

Sprint #4 in September — Run the process

Where you guys will work autonomously to absolutely nail a Sprint. Me and Jon are here to support on Slack, calls on Monday and Friday, and these daily Medium articles + videos.

It’s going to be awesome. I can’t wait to see what you make.
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