Allow me to introduce myself…

By Kendall Sherman

Whew! What better way to round out my first few weeks at Flybridge than with an inaugural post on our brand new blog. I’m Kendall Sherman, Flybridge Capital’s first Community Manager. In that short time frame, I’ve attended and helped produce our annual investor meeting, our fantastic CEO UnSummit, and in what is undoubtedly my favorite part of my new role, got to know some of our awesome portfolio companies and NYC startup founders.

I came to Flybridge by way of Jesse Middleton, who I had the pleasure of working with at WeWork almost two years ago. I was immediately excited about the opportunity to work with Jesse — he’s smart, charismatic, incredibly thoughtful, and has a level of ingenuity that is super impressive. During my time at WeWork, our small team of bandits — lead by Jesse — created and grew a sales process that helped catapult WeWork to the phenomenal success it is today. Throughout this process, our team became a family. There is something about experiencing the ebbs and flows of working for a hyper-growth startup that brings you together and creates bonds that will truly last a lifetime.

This is part of the reason why, when the opportunity to make a move to Flybridge came about, I was admittedly hesitant — is it possible to be so lucky, so #blessed all over again? Could I connect with even more people on a level so deep, that they are no longer friends but members of my chosen family? Yes, the answer is yes.

When I started meeting with the Flybridge Team — Chip, Jeff, David, and Kate — I knew there was something special there. The feeling reminded me of that spark I felt two years ago when I walked into WeWork on Fulton Street and sat inside a conference room for two hours with the best of people and drummed on about life and doing what you love. At that moment in my life, WeWork was exactly where I needed to be. Only now do I realize that my time at WeWork finding workspace solutions for our members and, eventually, providing global support for them, set me up for the next chapter in my life at Flybridge. I am incredibly excited for the journey to come and cannot wait to start digging into the meat of this new, exciting role.

First stop? Office hours with yours truly! Need an ear to run your pitch deck by? Or maybe you need to drop by our office to use wifi and a desk? I’m also accepting suggestions on what you, the creator, need to be your very best — hit me up on twitter at @thatgirlkens or at