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6 min readNov 18, 2019


This is why we love our landlords.

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Our society is currently in the grip of what the writer Umar Haque calls “Predatory Capitalism. (Umar writes for the Eudaimonia and Medium publications.) He points out that many seem to believe that for someone to “win,” another must “loose.” It’s a winner-take-all zero-sum game. This win-or-lose mentality supposes that there will never be enough to go around to meet people’s needs so we’ve got to get as much as we can before for someone else will get it instead of us.

In predatory capitalism, fewer end up better off and fewer end up producing real value which will benefit everyone. There are less inventions, less disease-curing drugs, public parks, affordable education, housing and medical care. Our culture encourages us to make money however we can and as soon as possible.

We read that landlords seek to maximize profits without producing improved value to their tenants.

In contrast to this trend, there are obvious exceptions. Exemplary social leaders produce true and lasting value in all aspects of society. Property owners are creating genuine value for others in how they manage their products and investments and the service they provide for their customers. Think about the true meaning of “customer service.”

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This piece celebrates the value of one company named Living In the Now (Property Management Services). They manage multiple properties in Los Angeles and are landlords for the living space where my wife and I rent. I’m writing this to lift them up as an outstanding example of how rental property management should be done. I describe their management and customer service strengths here for two simple reasons: (1) When you hear this about them, you will undoubtedly reflect on your own different experiences. I know that I appreciate the quality of service they embody. (2) You will want to keep their phone number in your Outlook contacts for the next time you want to find great property managers for your next move to the Los Angeles area. (Their number is (855) 300–2708).



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