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Opportunity knocks when you hit rock bottom

With no girlfriend, no money, a loan to pay, a huge amount of unsold stock, a Gestapo-like shopping centre manager that kept sending me threatening emails. How did I get out of this hole? By picking up a pen and committing to the creative freelance path.

Barcelona Flylancer Miro

An Early Lesson in Independence

This gave me some pretty solid lessons on independence, inner strength, and rebellion.

The gift, the gab and young promise

Most of the time I had no idea what I was doing, but with persistence and a bit of creativity, I was delivering good results. My journey as a freelancer had begun.

Where it all went wrong

Depression, anxiety & hitting rock bottom

I was stuck in darkness, pain and sorrow. That was when I hit rock bottom.

‘Accidentally’ discovering my true passion

‘The Journey’ (2017) by Miroslavo

Winning the award confirmed my purpose. It was beautiful. It gave me the momentum to start afresh.

Isla Holbox, México (2016)

New Phase



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Miroslav Stibůrek

Miroslav Stibůrek


Industrial Designer, Artist and Inventor on a Social, Economic and Environmental Mission.