What are the best places with WiFi to work remotely?

- In Berlin, Barcelona, Buenos Aires, London, Bali, Milan and Chiang Mai.

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You asked us what the best cafes are to work in Flylancer cities all over the world. And we get it: for a remote worker, a good cafe with the holy trinity of amenities — strong WiFi, great coffee and spacious tables — is hard to find. We’ve asked Flylancers in Barcelona, Berlin, Milan, London, Buenos Aires, Ubud and Chiang Mai for their recommendations of the best places with wifi to work remotely.

Laie on Carrer Pau Claris, Barcelona. Image courtesy of PaseoDeGracia

Barcelona, Spain

  1. Top on everyone’s list is Alsur Café, with two in El Born and one in Eixample Dreta, “with an abundance of power sockets, delicious brunch options and rabbit warren of tables,” says Barcelona Flylancer Abbie.
  2. If you like to answer your emails alongside cheese and a glass of red wine head to En Aparté in Born with its rustic interior and French style menu.
  3. For melt-in-the-mouth coffee, it’s dog-friendly Federal cafes located in Sant Antoni and Gótico. But go early, Abbie recommends — “both cafes fill up fast come lunchtime and early evening, and are always rammed at weekends.”
  4. If you’re looking for somewhere to burrow yourself away, deadline looming, one quieter spot is La Clandestina in Gótico.
  5. The intellectuals’ favourite Laie, located above Plaza Urquinaona, has “an open, light space with tables and an outdoor terrace,” Abbie says. “Just head up the stairs through the book shop.”
  6. In Eixample Esquerra, Bar Lexington has become a hub for mingling with location independent professionals. Grab a table to work during the day and stick around for their events as the sun goes down.
Oberholz, Berlin. CC Image courtesy of INTERRAILS on Wikimedia Commons

Berlin, Germany

  1. Oberholz has decent WiFi, as it was founded as a coworking cafe,” Flylancer team member Gesa explains. “It has amazing coffee, and is a great place to meet people.”
  2. Flylancer Georgina recommends Salon Schmück for its amazing coffee and cakes.
  3. The small, cozy and quiet CK Cafe is “ideal for those days when you don’t want to be surrounded by big crowds.”
  4. No Fire No Glory is a speciality coffee shop without unlimited WiFi. A blessing or a curse? Only you can decide.
  5. Finally, Strandbar Mitte is “perfect for lunch… you can work while you stare at the canal and stay cosy with a blanket on chilly days.”
Pavè, Milan. Image courtesy of Ella Catliff

Milan, Italy

  1. Flylancer Milan community host Mari recommends Upcycle — the Milano Bike Café — inspired by Look Mum No Hands, London’s coolest hangout for bikers who love their coffee. “Upcycle is a symbol of new Milan,” Mari explains. “It represents a slower and friendlier lifestyle, international vibes, a networking culture in open spaces for creative professionals and freelancers.”
  2. Library and cafe Gogol & Company is for students, researchers and professionals. This “quiet and comfy environment to work” organises cultural meetings, book readings and other events to promote independent publishers.
  3. Next up, Artisanal bakery and cafe Pavè. With its modern and stylish design and high quality products, this place offers a great breakfast and lunch. “People are also welcome to sit and chat, or work any time,” Mari adds, “enjoying the warm atmosphere and being inspired by the daily activity of the chef.” We can smell the freshly-baked bread from here.
Timberyard, London. CC Image courtesy of astonishme on Flickr

London, UK

  1. London Flylancer community host Oleg recommends Husk Coffee in Limehouse and Timberyard in Soho and Seven Dials for cafe working in the UK’s capital city.
  2. Archival powerhouse The British Library contains deep in its vaults every book ever published, and has rows of tables to work with individual lights and power sockets. Plus it has two cute cafes.
  3. Spread all over London, the Idea Stores have re-imagined public libraries to offer free spaces to work with an extensive activities and events programme. “Idea stores would be my insider tip — a library rather than a cafe which means you are not obliged to spend money for coffees,” says Oleg. “There are a great place to work that is much underappreciated by entrepreneurs and freelancers in my opinion.”
  4. Google Campus and the Ace Hotel in Shoreditch beat the rest to it however, as “both are free, have excellent WiFi and a really good vibe… and the Ace Hotel is open 24/7!”
Naná, Buenos Aires. Image courtesy of Wallpaper*

Buenos Aires, Argentina

  1. Flylancer community host Georgina recommends Mooi which “has a beautiful back garden,” and Pani for its “delicious granola bowl” — both located in the leafy, bohemian neighbourhood of Palermo.
  2. Take advantage of those midweek afternoon lulls at Decata Las Cañitas, “a small place, on a quiet street with tasty food,” where “you can stay long hours without being bothered.”
  3. For an amazing breakfast, scout out Crisol, that have great deals in the mornings if this is when you’re at your most productive.
  4. To get a slice of nature while you work go to Cafe Naná, submerged in nature overlooking the park.
Outpost in Bali. Image courtesy of Outpost

Bali, Indonesia

On the other side of the world in Bali, Indonesia, vibrant remote work spaces are fast emerging as the hippest (and hottest!) place to be as a location independent professional.

  1. Hubud was the island’s first of such spaces, whose building is built entirely of bamboo. “People go to Hubud for the skill-shares and the buzzing atmosphere,” reveals Flylancer Ubud member Katie, “You are bound to bump into some bright people there.”
  2. For people who want something a little more zen Katie recommends The Onion co-working space ‘Passion Lab’. “Not a lot of people know about this place, but membership is by donation and the space is within a natural cobbled stone building.” “It’s really cosy inside and you can even strip off for a quick dip in the pool during your breaks.”
  3. When efficiency is the aim of the game Katie goes to Outpost. A breezy co-working space with big jungle views and an awesome productivity group called The Crew.
  4. For the best coffee in town Katie recommends Seniman Coffee “super-fast wifi, cute furniture, and strangely always-smiling baristas.”
  5. To get away from it all, drive your scooter 45 mins to Canggu on the coast: basically Melbourne, in Indonesia. “The Nest in Canggu is a haven — it has an open family-style kitchen and they will make you home comforts like cheese on toast… And it’s about 100m from Berawa beach,” Katie adds.
  6. Another cool spot to work down in Canggu is Dojo. “The co-working space has a pool, they’re all laid back surfers. They have beers.” We’re sold!
CAMP at the Maya Mall, Chiang Mai. CC Image courtesy of Zeroranger on Wikimedia Commons

Chiang Mai, Thailand

  1. As a digital nomad, Katie has also spent several months working in Chiang Mai, the digital nomad hub in Thailand. With its two sleek, minimalist offices, the town’s biggest coworking space is Punspace — located in the old town and in the “nomad-central” Nimman district.
  2. WiFi is fast in Chiang Mai, so there’s loads of options for working from cafes — Katie recommends the hipster Graph Cafe.
  3. Healthy B and the relaxing community space Seescape Gallery Cafe have leafy outside areas, perfect working working in the hot afternoon sun.
  4. For travellers on a budget, you can’t beat CAMP on the top floor of the Maya Mall: “a fantastic space, and it’s free!”

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Author: Abbie Long

Abbie is a member of Flylancer — a global networking community for location independent professionals and for digital nomads to meet, share and collaborate with each other. We’re making people hug strangers in Barcelona, London, Buenos Aires, Milan, Lyon, Moscow, Melbourne, Ubud, Chiang Mai and Berlin with more on the way!

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