Flyte’s Lite App in DroneDeploy App Market

To Access Flyte’s Sectional Charts in DroneDeploy

Add the Flyte Lite App into your DroneDeploy Dashboard here.

If you are already signed into DroneDeploy this will open up your dashboard with the Flyte App now added.

Flyte Lite will now be available within your list of DroneDeploy apps in your dashboard.

Digital Sectional Charts are simply toggled on/off clicking the “USA Sectionals” button.

The Flyte Lite App gives DroneDeploy users free, unlimited use of the Automated Flight Report generator. This provides users with instant flight reports providing airspace, restrictions and hazards for their DroneDeploy flight area.

DroneDeploy users also get five free uses of the sectional charts.

Each use lasts 30 minutes and can be used across unlimited projects within that time period. To get more, a subscription to Flyte’s drone flight planning and operations management web app is required.

Once signed up, your Flyte and DroneDeploy accounts must be linked to recieve free and continued use of sectional charts in DroneDeploy.

For existing Flyte Customers: how to link your DroneDeploy and Flyte Accounts

By linking your Flyte and DroneDeploy account, Flyte customers recieve unlimited use of sectional charts within their DroneDeploy dashboard.

Here’s how:

  1. Log into Flyte Web App
  2. Access your Account Information Menu
  3. Click the drop down and select Account Information:
  4. Link Your account

If you are not an existing Flyte customer, but would like to sign up:

To get access to additional sectional chart uses in DroneDeploy without a Flyte subscription, or for further info on this integration, email us at

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