Getting Started

To start planning your flights with Flyte, you must first create your Pilot Account. This is quickly done on your initial login into Flyte.

On your initial Sign In, make sure to enter your details into the account setup where you will be asked to provide a telephone number and company name.

You will then be prompted to create your first Kit. This is Flyte’s way of streamlining hardware management through allowing you to group together individual pieces of equipment and hardware which will be used together recurrently.

First, you will be asked to add details about one of your drones. We provide a list of commonly used drones and their standard weights, however if your drone is not listed you may add it manually and/or reach out to us here and we’ll add it for you. If have a custom build you can also simply add that.

Any batteries associated with the drone may then be added:

Optionally you can then add any accessories or other pieces of equipment you commonly use with the drone. Here, if the accessory is going to be flown on the drone and contribute to an increase in the payload, you can add the weight of it in this form too:

One you have added accesories, click the Next button to proceed. At this point you assign a pilot to this Kit — as this is on the first login, you will be automatically listed as the default pilot which this Kit can be assign to.

You will have the opportunity to manage other associated pilots where pilot accounts can be managed in the Pilot Section accessed through the Pilots tab within the top bar. To learn more, click here.