Kits Management

Kits are Flyte’s way of organising groups of hardware. This is to save pilots from having to repeatedly add individual pieces of hardware into each project and instead add one single kit of grouped hardware.

For example, there could be a basic kit for a DJI Phantom 4 Professional, intended for perhaps simpler operations such as roof surveys or wedding photography. Within this kit would be the drone, its associated batteries and any equipment specifically required operating that particular drone. Then there could then be a separate kit associated with a DJI Inspire II used specifically for more complicated operations.

Kit Permissions and Usage Management

Flyte enables management of pilots and equipment through Kit Permissions management. It is possible to associate certain pilots with each particular kit whilst at the same time, automatically recording which pilot used all pieces of equipment in addition to just the drone.

Kit management is located within the top bar’s Hardware tab. Once you have added details of your drones, batteries and any other associated hardware, you can then begin creating kits. Each is displayed in the Predefined Kits tab. To add a new Kit, click on the + New Kit button located on the right-hand side of the page.

The kit creation process is as follows:

  1. Provide a kit name — we recommend naming it in reference to the type of work typically being carried out with this kit
  2. Select Airframe — this is simply selected the right drone. If the drone does not appear within the list, go back and ensure the drone has been added to hardware.
  3. Select Batteries — we recommend naming batteries referencing the type of drone
  4. Select Accessories — these should include any safety equipment, cameras.
  5. Assign the kit to any pilots of choice listed within the system, check the kit summary listed below and then click “Create Kit” to confirm.
  6. One created the Kit appears within the Kits Overview. To inspect a Kit, simply click on it to review.

Within in this page are two tabs: Kit Hardware and Kit Pilots. On the Kit Hardware tab, simply click the respective replace or add buttons in order to edit what is included within the Kit. WIthin the Kit Pilots tab you can manage which pilots are associated with each kit.