Setting Up A Project

Creating a new project is simple.

If you are using Flyte for the first time, you will be automatically prompted to create a new project immediately after you’ve set up your account, added some hardware and created your first Kit.

If you have created a project before, navigate to the Project Button within the header menu which which opens your Project Dashboard. This is where you will find an overview of all projects. To create a new project click the New Project Button within the top-right of this page.

Step 1 — Entering Basic Project Information. This includes which licence you are operating under. By specifying this, the data presented later in the flight planning process is specifically tailored to your licence type.

Selecting a Licence

Step 2 — Selecting a Location. This is simply selecting a broad location on a map, you will define a more specific flight area once within the project’s own dashboard.

Step 3 — To select the pilot flying the flight and which kit they are using.

Following completion of this, your new project will appear within the Project Dashboard. This not only provides a brief overview of all projects, but also provides a brief overview of each project’s basic details — the name of the flight, which pilot is associated with it, stage of progress with the flight (i.e. pending, flight active or flown)