To Begin Your Flight Planning

Click View Project on any of the project within the project dashboard. This takes you into the project’s own dashboard where you gain an overview of the project details and settings. Within this page are four tab buttons: Flight Overview, Flight Planning, Hardware and Flight Settings.

Flight Overview is the project’s full overview, which is populated by the information from the other three tabs.

Flight Planning is the where pilots plan the flight, drawing their flight plans and interacting with the data, airspace and hazards relative to their location.

Hardware is where you can check the full details of the Kit you have attributed the project you are working on.

Flight Settings allows you to alter and/or check which to see which pilot is assigned to the project, the licence they are operating under and which Kit they have selected.

NOTE: We recommend that before using the Flight Planning Dashboard, you check in Flight Settings to ensure that you have selected the correct licence type for which you are operating with.