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FM Gallery Completes Private Round of Over One Million USD

FM Gallery, a blockchain-based distribution platform for NFT artworks, announces that it has completed private fundraising with over $1 million raised from institutional investors including AU21, GBV Capital, YBB Foundation, AlphaCoin Fund, Hotbit, Legos Capital and Crasolum Ventures, as well as renowned individual investors and influencers such as Yemu and Edna. The first batch of art assets are currently on sale on FM Gallery’s blockchain-based platform, in the form of blind boxes.

FM Gallery offers a blockchain-powered solution to the distribution of NFT art assets. It aims to transform art and fashion with its innovative Art Fragments as well as autonomous fan communities supported by DAO. So far, FM Gallery has partnered with multiple internationally recognized artists including Chad Knight, Peter Mohrbacher and NFN Kalyan.

“We are overwhelmed by the interest and support from our investors,” said FM Flora Peng, founder of FM Gallery. “We are oversubscribed by four times, which has infused us with confidence. We’re fortunate to partner with so many renowned NFT artists, whose works are currently available in our Genesis Blind Box series. They have also shared with us their insights into crypto arts on Clubhouse, inspiring us to keep innovating the art market with more physical and virtual crypto artworks.”

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Blockchain-based platform for NFT artworks | Digital artist and art-lover community | Join us on telegram

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FM Gallery

FM Gallery

Blockchain-based platform for NFT artworks | Join our global community of artists & art lovers

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