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FM Gallery Fides Blind Box Collection Drawing Tutorial

STEP 1: Visit FM Gallery official website:

Click “Connect” on the upper right corner, connect to your wallet

STEP 2: Click Metamask, connect to your wallet

STEP 3: Enter your password in the pop-up window and click “UNLOCK”

STEP 4: Choose the wallet you want to connect and click “Next”

STEP 5: Click “Connect” to complete connecting to your wallet

STEP 6: Click the icon on the upper right corner

STEP 7: Go to the “Wallets” tab to recharge your USDT

STEP 8: Go to “Drops” on the home page to check out the Fides Blind Box Collection

STEP 9: View the description of the blind box on the details page and click “Draw Now” to draw

STEP 10: Select a quantity and click “Draw Now” to draw

STEP 11: Click “USDT Wallet Payments” to purchase the blind box

For this collection, the only payment method we’re accepting is USDT. We’ll have more payment methods in the future

After completing the payment, you can open the blind box to view the prizes you have drawn.

Please note that all NFT artworks will be minted after the end of the sale period. Popular NFTs will take 24–48 hours to complete the minting and appear in user’s wallet. Please be patient.

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