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FM Gallery Partners with digital artist Kirsten Zirngibl

We’re pleased to announce that we are partnering with digital artist Kirsten Zirngibl, whose digital artworks will be released on FM Gallery among our next batch of NFT assets.

About Kirsten Zirngibl

Kirsten Zirngibl is a digital artist currently developing Intopolis, a video game about finding and collecting art in a distant future simulation.

She has worked for the entertainment industry as a designer and illustrator for video & tabletop games, software, and theme parks, with clients ranging from Wizards of the Coast to Google ATAP. Her large-scale artwork has been exhibited at Burning Man and other festivals. Some now reside in the permanent collection of the South Bend Museum of Art.

The work often conveys what an exotic posthuman future might feel like to a contemporary visitor, as well as beauty in complexity. She pushes the boundaries of CG software, while cultivating a traditional skillset to build worlds. Interests include architecture, microbiology, botany, fractals, AI, swarm intelligence, and the mind’s eye.

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