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FM Gallery Partners with Digital Artist Patton Ado

We’re pleased to announce our partnership with Patton Ado, whose digital artworks will be released on FM Gallery among our next batch of NFT assets.

About Patton Ado

Born and raised in Maryland, Patton is now located in the neighborhood of Highlandtown, Baltimore. He is self-taught and have been painting since he was 12 years old. Throughout his life, he was surrounded by art and artists. His great-grandmother was an oil painter, who works with stained glass, and his great-grandfather was a multi-disciplinary visual artist who worked with various mediums. Growing up around all of this made it easy to absorb creativity and find inspiration from a young age. He grew up obsessed with comic book art, fashion designs, and TV shows, and film. When he was younger, he wanted to be an actor or a director. Underlying all of these interests was a desire to tell stories that reflected a universal truth for the audience to connect with. As his work as an artist has grown and evolved, he have strived to stay rooted in the goal of telling stories based on an honest observation of the human experience in its many forms.

Riddle of the sphinx (whitney on the moon) by Patton Ado

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