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FM Gallery x Bounce Clubhouse Chat: Introducing Best-in-Class Digital Artists to BSC

Join us on Clubhouse for an art panel hosted by FM Flora Peng, Founder of FM Gallery and Ryan Fang, Founder of Bounce, along with renowned digital artists Chad Knight, Macomoroni, Shan Qiao, Min Guen, Ryan Teo, Jia Jun Haw, Björn Hurri, Charles Dauphin, Emre Aktuna, Edmund Chen, William Bao, Terence Cantal, Rudy Parfaite, Thomas Visscher, Rishiraj Sngh Shekhawat and Vladyslav Kompaniiets. While Introducing Best-in-Class Digital Artists to BSC, they will talk about their career paths in arts, insights into NFTs, as well as FM Gallery upcoming debut BSC blindboxes and the auctions at Bounce.

Event Info

Thursday, April 22 10:00am EDT/10:00pm UTC +8

Event link:

See you on Clubhouse! Make sure to follow FM on Clubhouse (id: feiming) and join our global community of art lovers, collectors and creators:

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