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Introducing FM Gallery BSC Artist Exclusive Collections

FM Gallery’s Artist Exclusive Collections on BSC include five Blindboxes, with each Blindbox featuring one outstanding artist and artworks, which will be available for limited time only. They are scheduled to go live at 9pm UTC +8 on FM Gallery BSC, when you are able to purchase with FMG tokens.

Blindboxes include:

Float by Chad Knight

Float means to rest or move on the surface of water without sinking; to hover slowly and lightly in the air.

Sold at 42,000FMG each, contains 3 pieces and 5 editions of artworks as follows


Sometimes I go about in pity for myself, and all the while,

a great wind carries me across the sky.” — Ojibwe saying




An ethereal figure towering over a vast landscape, she is testament to beauty.

CASCADE and KNIGHT, only ONE edition each, will be auctioned at Bounce’s NFT marketplace

The World Series by Shan Qiao

This is a place to escape.

In year 2014, I started this series with the simplest attention, to create a place that unique to people, for their minds to relax, explore, play and be free. This is a place full off surprises and adventures, a place that is not limited to time and space, a combination of reality and dream.

This world is based on many things I have seen and experienced. Childhood memories are mainly the elements I used to communicate. I grow up in Asia, China, which is a place with such density of population, every single soul sparks with each other, forming into this noisy yet fun world.

Sold at 8,500FMG each, contains 2 pieces and 10 editions of artworks as follows

  • World-002-The King

Who doesn’t want to be the hero? The center character in the image is wearing a Monkey King outfit in Peking opera, stepping to his journey to explore this world. People might laugh at what we do or how we look. But changing to please others won’t make you happy. Embrace with the challenge and make a statement for yourself.

  • World-003- The Challenger

This is a peaceful moment I’d like to share with the world. Imaging yourself as a Kungfu master, standing in front of a massive floating city, full of challenge and mystery. The feeling that owning the world with the humblest mind. Starting from the bottom, yet you know you will be at the top.

World-001-The City, ONE edition only, will be auctioned at Bounce’s NFT marketplace

Self-Perception by Macomoroni

The constant exploration of new self is both an attitude of artistic production and a way of self-awakening and transcendence. In the ‘Self Perception’ series, Marco Mori uses new techniques to reconstruct the context of existing art. In art creation, the artist incorporates some personal attitudes, interests and values from my daily life. Creation is a way of self-discovery and self-cognition, which is also an important reason why the artist loves to create.

Sold at 9,000FMG each, contains 3 pieces and 10 editions of artworks as follows

  • Bye
  • Future
  • Hottie

Sushi, ONE edition only, will be auctioned at Bounce’s NFT marketplace

Kimono by Aris Roth

I feel myself tied to a deep dream.

Tied with many strings and fastened tightly.

I wrap my mind around a new world.

Folded many times over the thoughts of venturing

Sold at 5,000FMG each. Featured artworks include:

  • Secret Protector, ONE edition only

A vision about a truly safe and open space. Created by a secret protector.

  • New World Vagabond, 10 editions

Observing, recording, not thinking. One day the film will be developed — showing the pieces of the new world.

  • Beautiful Nightmare, 10 editions

There are no bad dreams. They are terrifying adventures. Sources of creativity. Beautiful nightmares.

Journey by Ryan Teo

Centuries of sand storms have transformed medieval Japan into a dangerous, inhospitable desert. A small convoy embarks on a pilgrimage, escorting the princess to the home of her ancestors. Unbeknownst to them, the enemy has been watching their every step…The journey is the first sequential collection I created during the final days of my time in Paris.

Sold at 6,000FMG each. Featured artworks include:

  • Journey Avatar, 3 editions

6 editions each for

  • Journey 1: The pilgrimage
  • Journey 2: Old ruins
  • Journey 3: The bridge
  • Journey 4: Secret entrance
  • Journey 5: Prayers to the forgotten
  • Journey 6: Ambush
  • Journey 7: Standoff

Special Reward: For collectors who complete the Journey 1–7 collection, they will be rewarded by one final piece of Journey (#8) to end the story, which has never been published.

Please note: NFTs included in Artist Exclusive Collections are not minted until purchasing has closed. Popular NFTs may take 24–48 hours to appear in a user’s account — patience is appreciated. All auction and blindbox NFT artworks will be available for trade on

About FM Gallery

FM Gallery is a blockchain-based distribution platform for NFT artworks. We strive to empower the world of arts and fashion with innovative art fragments as well as autonomous fan communities. With blockchain technology, an artwork can be divided into several fragments. Each fragment, represented by an NFT, contains a unique art story. By collecting fragments, users are able to complete the artwork and redeem the completed NFT for physical artworks. Collaborating with top artists, galleries and auction houses around the world, we will continue to release physical and virtual crypto artworks on our blockchain.

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