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Introducing FM Gallery Latest Drops

Different from the Genesis and Fides Collections, the latest drop will only be available to FMG holders and contains blind boxes with two offerings, Voyager Box and Artist Exclusive Collections. Voyager Box will be offered permanently until fully sold out, while Artist Special Collections are available for a limited time only.

By opening a Voyager Box, users will randomly receive an NFT artwork designed by renowned artists or receive a generous reward box of FMG tokens or BEL tokens. Holders of FMG, FM Gallery’s governance token, have exclusive access to participate in the platform’s liquidity mining program launched earlier.

Voyager Box

The Voyager Box will be offered permanently until it’s sold out. By opening a pack, you will randomly receive a NFT artwork featured in this pack or receive a generous reward box of FMG tokens or BEL tokens.

Featured artworks include:

  • The Blue Collection by Tomasz Mrozkiewicz with 3 pieces, 12 editions each

The Blue Collection is a mixed media digital series of ethereal portraits made by Tomasz Mro. The artist used a combination of watercolor and ink textures on top of his cross-hatched lineart style to give an abstract element to each piece. A minimalistic blue color palette with his magenta bonds the whole collection as well as feelings of sorrow and despair in each of the characters, a theme Tomasz Mro likes to explore in his portraiture work.



Illustration from “The Blue Collection. Mixed media and digital.

“Sometimes you have to run into the storm in order to calm it”

Lost Memories

“Lost Memories”

Illustration from “The Blue Collection. Mixed media and digital.

“Nothing can last forever. There isn’t any memory, no matter how intense, that doesn’t fade out at last”



Illustration from “The Blue Collection. Mixed media and digital.

“A mind that questions everything, unless strong enough to deal with the weight of its ignorance, risks being engulfed by doubt.

  • Dark Soldier by Zumi, 20 editions

An elite female knight with black armor.

  • Jokes by Hamm with 5 pieces, 5 editions each with unique edition number

On December 26, 2011. Hamm drew a cartoon on a napkin and posted it. He did that every day after ten years. The joke is a collection of 100 single panel cartoons or “Jokes’’ from a decade of work. The first ve of which are being released with FM Gallery. The following 95 will vary in edition and platform and medium. On Dec 26th, 2024 the 100th The joke will be awarded to the wallet holding the most “Jokes”.

3D2D Printer

Joke 25 was conceived in 2018 after too many articles about the new wave of 3d printed meat and a fever dream about Star Trek Replicators. That day I happened upon a person wearing a Chive Bill Murry T-shirt where he adorns a pair of 3D Glasses.


The Ocean is a prison for boats and Lighthouses are guards…Joke 93

Lookin’ Sharp

I read about a guy in Brooklyn claiming he was an Heirloom pencil sharpener or some shit like that. It made me laugh that there would be more than one way to sharpen a pencil. I don’t think that there is.


Joke 37 is the only joke from this release I would claim as “art”. I took a cartoon Idea ripped from a Ry Cooder Album cover and made it a bit tripping and cosmic. This is a Cartoonists’s Idea of art.


Joke 82 really represents the psyche’s struggle with mortality and the ever-present change that is humanity. Oh, Get over yourself. The rabbit brought a little table. This cartoon is insane. No- one reads these descriptions.

  • God’s of RGB by Baugasm, 2 pieces, 10 editions each

In this collection of Artworks, Vasjen aka Baugasm sees this portraits and the gods of colors and gradients. Each God has a color which represents their dominating colors, and waht they stand for. Some are responsible for the gradients of all artists, and color combinations. These gods bring joy and guidance to every artist and creator.

God 389

In this artwork created by Vasjen (Baugasm), is claiming it’s confidence and determination. Blue color represents both sky and sea, and is associated with freedom, which our God owns.

God 432

“God 432” appears more glorious than ever in this Baugasm creation. Our 432 keeps the head up and never loses the radiance. It is the Guardian of all creations.

  • Pop Culture Portraits for Rolling Stone Magazine by Jason Seiler with 3 pieces, 8 editions each

Jason Seiler is known for his painted covers for publications such as Time magazine, Rolling Stone, MAD, The New Yorker and more. This is a collection of three paintings that were painted for the music review section in Rolling Stone magazine, celebrating the pop stars latest album.

Kanye West Rolling Stone

This is a portrait that I painted of Kanye West for The Music Review section for Rolling Stone magazine. I’m a fan of a lot of Kane’s music, so I knew this was going to be a fun painting to work on. The art direction was the same as it usually is from a Rolling Stone art director. “Have fun and make it look cool.” When painting a musician, I feel that it is really important to listen to their music, so the first thing I did was listen to Kanye’s new album, “Black Skinhead.” Listen to the lyrics, the beats, let it sink in and sync in, really feel it. To me this album was a darker and angry sounding album. One song in particular had dog barking in the background which was really cool, and inspired the overall look and feeling that I wanted to capture in my painting.

Lil Wanye Rolling Stone

This is a portrait that I painted of Lil Wayne for The Music Review section for Rolling Stone magazine. This was my first job for Rolling Stone, which was a big deal for me. I had wanted to work for RS ever since I was a kid, so when I got this commission, I couldn’t wait to get started! Not even 20 minutes after I got off the phone with the art director, I had finished my sketch, and sent it to him. He loved it and the only art direction I got was, “Make it look cool.” The Final painting was due the following day, which was plenty of time for me. I felt confident and excited, so excited that I was working for Rolling Stone magazine! I put on Lil Wayne’s music and got to work! Paced myself and had fun. To this day it is one of my favorite paintings.

Rick Ross Rolling Stone

This is a portrait that I painted of Rick Ross for The Music Review section for Rolling Stone magazine. As an illustrator, I am used to tight deadlines, typically I am given 2 to 3 days tops, from start to finish. This commission was a last minute addition in the line up for the music reviews and they needed to find someone who could pull off a very quick turnaround, so they called me. It was by far the most insane turnaround of my career. I was called on a Thursday evening, and the final art was due the following day by 6 PM. I woke up early to work on the sketch, sketch, and once approved I paint nonstop until it’s finished. My focus was first and foremost on capturing a strong and accurate likeness, but equally important was creating a piece of art that pops, and looks cool, aesthetically pleasing to both my client and ultimately the viewer. I really enjoyed the challenge of this painting the short turnaround forced me to work more loose and expressive which organically gives this piece so much more life and character.

  • Shard by Dizzy Viper, 8 editions

Giant Metal spikes created by humans to give directions towards the new Gods.

  • Side Discovery by Dizzy Viper, 8 editions

One of the guardians of City42 as seen from highway 27 on the drive by.

  • White Way by Dizzy Viper, 8 editions

This artwork shows a Snowy cityscape from a personal point of view. It captures the often surreal emotions while driving home on a snowy evening. Created in Cinema4D and Octane Render

  • Guilt by Augusto Ribeiroes, 10 editions

This piece is called “Guilt”, a visual representation of my internal struggles with art and life.

Feeling that I have to choose between one and the other, I hope to one day find the balance.

  • IYAMA by Manzel Bowman with 4 pieces, 12 editions each

This experimental series builds a surreal link between the landscape’s reality and that imagined by its conceiver. These works focus on abstract questions that determine the background of our existence. Through a singular approach of using transcendental figures and water and light, a broad spectrum of emotion is achieved.


This is ultimate form of enlightenment in which one seeks. This deity in meditative position represents the point in which the manifestation of thoughts and idea become something tangible. As we are among the stars, we are also created from them in a cosmic exchange.


With the focal point given the light with the darkness with his chest, this piece represents the finding the strength within oneself. To find the strength with yourself is the first step to true freedom.

The Source

Being of a divine nature the woman supports man upon her pyramid, bestowed upon him if only as a gift. Given the chance of life upon this platform, man then looks upon her if only to gaze at her beauty.

  • Riddle of the Sphinx by Patton Ado with 5 fragments, 5 editions each

The title for this piece is a reference to a part of a story from Greek Mythology, where visitors to the paradise city of Thebes would be asked to answer the “riddle of the sphinx” or be denied entry; the riddle has been historically interpreted in two ways.

The first and more common: What walks on three legs in the morning, two legs in the afternoon, and three legs in the evening?

The second, and much rarer: There are two sisters: one gives birth to the other, and she, in turn, gives birth to the first. Who are the two sisters?

This piece is intended as an overall reflection on the intersection between individuals and society throughout history. As I learn about the world, I often ask myself how we arrived at this seemingly inevitable despotic junction in history, and I have been plagued by the question, or the riddle, of who to blame, society or the individual? Both? Neither? I do not claim to have found the answer in these works or otherwise; rather my aim is to ask the question.

The story begins in the upper sections of this painting. Pictured are: Charon, the ferryman to Hell, Kal-el being rocketed away from Krypton, a ship of men and women, Moses and the burning bush, Pandora’s box, Narcissus and his reflection, Prometheus with a crow eating at his flesh, Orpheus, chimpanzees in the wild, early homo sapiens in a cave-dwelling. In the middle section of the painting begins a band of communication that stretches across all five panels; pictured here are neurotransmitters intersecting with wild fungal pathways. Around this are pictured: early Incan and Mesopotamian farmers, two pairs of men and women, and Dolores and the Man in Black venturing through the desert in Westworld. Atop the chaotic field of images are a set of spiraling stairs; as babies carrying a red, white, and blue flag ascends, a set of Indigenous riders fall below.

In the upper section of the second panel, a great Metropolis is pictured, strewn with common superheroes: Rorschach, Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, and Superman and Lois Lane in the embrace. Behind them is the Planet Apokolips and a red, white, and blue Darkseid. A baby plays to the side. In the middle section, the band of communication evolves, and ‘intellect’ begins, the roots of the Metropolis are clung to by a Religious Zealot, a Laborer, and a Soldier. In the lower section, reality looms. Pictured are: steel mills and scenes of industry, early philosophers studying their books, a set of teachers with their pupils, a pair of hands holding a bag of drugs, Billie Holiday, and a Cuban Refugee ship and the raft from Lost (2004 ABC Show) floating in the sea. To the side is a young Black baby, with waves washing towards her. Although upside down to the viewer, she is right-side up from her perspective and only appears upside down from the perspective of the white baby above her, playing with toys. Behind them, both is the beginning of a band of images representing culture and its evolution that will stretch for the next two panels.

Throughout the middle panel, the two intersecting bands of images, representing communication, intellect, and culture, collide. Out of the water splashing across all five panels emerges a man.

In the upper section of the painting are references to American protests of the past and present, above a chaotic field of pop culture references. The bottom of the painting depicts the ruins of civilizations past and present. Across the middle section of the painting continues the bands of communication and culture.

In the upper section of the painting is a future society, a potential rebirth of humankind and our cultures. Across the middle section of the painting, the band of communication from earlier panels morphs and evolves as it ends. At the lower portion of the panel is the same man seen growing in each.

Artist Exclusive Collections

This upcoming collections set include 4 blind boxes, each featuring one outstanding artist and his/her artwork. Blind boxes include:

Stages of Anxiety by Baugasm

Available to holders with 1,500 FMG or more, is sold at $1,500 each.

In a world, overloaded

with informational particles,

stands the pillar [the] human

the subject


Yet here, I exist!

Here I am

I walk my life with a convulsion of feelings.

That I thought only I felt.

Flying high, while shattering inside -

I was certain no other [subject] would be

Able to feel the profound effects of that.

Featured artworks include:

  • Trigger, 4 editions

Did you know that anything can be a trigger? I could use one or all of my senses yet go through a deep triggering effect.

Yes: a loud voice, a loud noise, or just the thought of living in a box — the smell of the ocean on a particular day, or the way you said that thing the other night…

It all can be a trigger for that shattering feeling the [subject] goes through inside.

  • Body Sensation, 4 editions

I can almost feel the water droplets forming in the palms of my hands. The creeping shivers are climbing up my spine and making me feel useless like almost [human] like almost [subject].

  • Thinking, 4 editions

Now I’m trapped; those particles of information ever directed at me each of them are now weighing.

On my back

On my head

On my chest

This is the hardest part; this is the one I have to deal with [subject] existing in this world. Being different from all other species because I can do this, I can think and overthink.

  • Overthinking, 4 editions

Or wait, let me stay here a little longer. I mean, I don’t even understand why I am put here, and you are telling me that I must let go?

I am not overthinking this is completely logical, yet the world must hate me for whatever it is

I never seem to get it right. What is that I hear? Is that a bird singing?

  • Explosion, 4 editions

I cannot take this anymore.

I need a drink

I need to go for a walk or maybe just not do anything at all.

Yet I am water

I can do anything

Retro Alien Romance by Lärienne

Available to holders with 700 FMG or more, is sold at $700.

This series tells a love story about finding one’s own place in the universe and is one of the famous series by Lärienne.

The story is about a boy who falls in love with a girl, but the boy does not know that the girl keeps many secrets from him. She comes from space and, although her appearance is similar to humans, she is actually an alien. And she seems to be running from something as her “home” is calling out to her.

Featured artworks include:

  • Kiss, 10 editions

Silent, deep woods are the witness of a tender moment between a couple. City lights shine in distance but is there something else?

  • Departure, 10 editions

A girl and a boy are about to part in front of an old TV store.

  • Doubts, 10 editions

The two lovers face a goodbye. Will it be their last?

  • Evening drive, 10 editions

Warm summer evening comes as two lovers drive into the unknown. Is something after them..?

  • Shes going home, 10 editions

“Where is she going? I need to stop her, I need to tell her that I…”

  • Her true self, 10 editions

“I look into her eyes and I see the truth about her”.

2018 “Myth” Mythology Loop by Xiaolei Tian

Available to holders with 700 FMG or more, is sold at $700 each.

This set is a long-term project to create 100 post-human specimens. Now, humans are creating the sixth species mass extinction, where biological diversity is gradually disappearing within 10,000 years due to human activities, and humans need to create diversity to resist the fragility of homogeneity. Due to the limitations of human body, the shortcut to accelerate self-evolution is the combination of human and machine. Human beings create diversity in evolution through autonomous selection of outgrowth, and they become multi-ethnic and multi-branch, becoming the only diverse life in the animal kingdom on earth.

Featured artworks include:

  • Myth 1, 6 editions

The ring on the astronaut’s back is an energy collector, in the new planet can absorb light and rays used to convert energy directly to the body, this device in the body can not eat or drink; the body still maintains normal. This energy collector is the equipment of the pioneers of the new planet, used to work and live for long time equipment, a large number of necessary equipment at the beginning of the Martian immigration.

  • Myth 2, 6 editions

This is a post-human that can switch personalities at any time, instantly switching between pre-defined characters. He is the evolutionary result of being good at communication and multi-faceted personalities in an extremely developed business world. He can quickly download personas and switch roles on the Internet. Around 3800 AD, the urban elite race was all the rage, and the widespread information of people led to serious psychological disorders that improved after upgrading and replacing their brains.

  • Myth 3, 6 editions

This human race evolved a vast brain, the structure of the body was simplified into skeleton, 90% of the energy supply to the brain, the body is a new bionic material, only the internal brain is an organic structure. He has a fantastic memory, creativity, calculation power, and post-human wise man; they were fed up with the think tank for a while. Soon after the limit of physical endurance came, this human race will be replaced for around 5000 years.

  • Myth 4, 6 editions

This device protects the body while willingly being firmly controlled by technology for post-humans. This set of equipment can initially safeguard the human body. When the body is in danger, mechanical hands will quickly protect and counterattack. When the person has no confidence, it will also give comfort and touch, the fragile community’s favorite. At first, this is a set of removable equipment, and later lack of security of people willing to wear a long time on the body, 3520 AD gradually eliminated. Later this device served more as a technological totem symbol, usually be used in rituals with artificial intelligence sacrifice.

The Ancients by Jakub Rozalski

Available to holders with 1,500 FMG or more, is sold at $1,500 each.

Dark fantasy series / universe. Work on this series began in 2012. It is a dark world, lost in time and space, inhabited by powerful ancient, giant, creatures. Many travelers and adventurers end up here, opening a portal to this dark world, often by accident. Lost in time and space, they try to survive and return to their worlds. It’s also a story about two brothers in arms, viking and samurai who find themselves together on an unknown island, forced to work and fight together on their long and full of extraordinary adventures.

Featured artworks include:

  • Summoning the power of the Ether, 10 editions

Will you dare to summon it? On an unknown island, lost in time and space… Can you summon an ancient titan powered by the power of Ether to fight for you? Is your phone still working? Is there enough battery? Do it, don’t hesitate, become a summoner!

  • Ymaar — The Ancient Protector, 10 editions

“I saw on my own eyes, that the shaman of this tribe, using magic unknown to me, summoned a mighty titan from the bottom of the ocean, who somehow was obey to him and immediately set off to fight the monster attacking their island.

Björn Thorson — journal from the expedition to the end of the world”

  • Boss Fight, 1 edition only

You’re gonna need a bigger bow… The story about two brothers in arms, viking and samurai who find themselves together on an unknown island, lost in time and space, forced to work and fight together on their long and full of extraordinary adventures.

“ This painting, which I created in 2014, was the first in a series that started the popularity of The Ancients. This work also started my career as an independent artist and made my work widely recognizable. So it has great sentimental value for me.

It is one of my most famous, virla, recognizable and popular works, especially in the meme community “

The NFTs included in the Voyager Box will be minted within a week after purchase. NFTs included in Artist Special Collections are not minted until purchasing has closed. Popular NFTs may take 24–48 hours to appear in a user’s account — patience is appreciated.

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