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Introducing “Legends-Tales from the Future”

From the talents behind the biggest games that have entertained millions around the world, comes a collection of out-of-this-world artwork. Born of imaginative and futuristic concepts, this Sci-Fi themed box is the first of many themed editions to come.

“Legends — Tales from the future” is scheduled to go live at 9pm UTC +8 on FM Gallery BSC, when users are able to purchase with FMG tokens.

Just to name a few IPs that the featured artists have worked on: Apex Legends, Call of Duty, Assassin’s Creed, Fortnite, League of Legends, Suicide Squad, etc…

This Sci-Fi themed blindbox will be available permanently for FMG holders and is sold at 12,000 FMG each. Each artwork has 6 editions.

Featured artworks include:

Inspired by jet pilots, Engagement is a tribute to my love of militaristic science fiction, a genre that has been stuck with me since he was a kid. Framed dynamically, this piece spotlights a downed pilot drawing his sidearm in an emergency firefight.

An anomaly wipes out a space station and everything in it. This scene depicts a tragic love story of a hero saving his partner by giving up his spot in the escape pod.

They wanted to colonise the planet, but we had arrived here first. It was time for them to leave.

Mechanised hunter roaming the corridors of the spacestation. Created as an experiment to visualise the mechanical aspect of 4 arms.

The CCCP Admiral Arseniy is ready to take the flight

Near future Robotic tactical police force, AI force is really a common crime controlling tool for the government. These units can take care of any intense or dangerous situations, they also assist the police force to be the main line of fire and protect human officers as a shield.

No one can ever catch her… Or tell her what to do !

Discovery of an unexplored city built in the wreckage of a refinery ship

Mercenaries infiltrating the city from above

After hours long fight, she now has to face with her biggest fear

Biomechanical aquatic machine

The most valuable thing that can be after the military operation is to return to the base.


Please note: The NFTs included in the “Legends — Tales from the future” will be minted within a week after purchase. Popular NFTs may take 24–48 hours to appear in a user’s account — patience is appreciated. All auction and blindbox NFT artworks will be available for trade on

About FM Gallery

FM Gallery is a blockchain-based distribution platform for NFT artworks. We strive to empower the world of arts and fashion with innovative art fragments as well as autonomous fan communities. With blockchain technology, an artwork can be divided into several fragments. Each fragment, represented by an NFT, contains a unique art story. By collecting fragments, users are able to complete the artwork and redeem the completed NFT for physical artworks. Collaborating with top artists, galleries and auction houses around the world, we will continue to release physical and virtual crypto artworks on our blockchain.

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