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Introduction to Art Fragments Redemption

We are officially launching the Redeem function of NFT art fragments. Starting from 4/10 , users will be able to “fuse” the NFTs of art fragments into a new NFT of the completed artwork with an option to receive the physical version.

As announced previously, Kali Yuga by NFN Kalyan, included in our Genesis Blind Box Series, will be the inaugural artwork available for redemption. If you have already curated the entire SIX pieces of Kali Yuga below, Congratulations!

On 4/10, you will be able to “fuse” them, with a small fee in $FMG, and mint a complete NFT piece of Kali Yuga with an option for receiving a physical version. After the successful fusion, you will also be qualified to share the special reward of 1 BTC!

If you are missing a couple pieces, you still have time! Check out our official collection on OpenSea and Rarible,and see if they are on sale!

Kali Yuga by NFN Kalyan

We will share a detailed instruction to use the Redeem function in the following days. Please stay tuned.

Details of the blind box series are now available at and FM Gallery’s global community on major social networks including Clubhouse, Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Discord, WeChat and Medium.

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