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Redeem Art Fragments to Win 1 BTC!

FM Gallery, a blockchain-based distribution platform for NFT artworks, today announced that it would soon launch the Redeem function of NFT art fragments, where users are able to burn the NFTs of art fragments and mint/redeem an NFT of the completed artwork while receiving the physical version. Kali Yuga by NFN Kalyan, included in FM Gallery’s Genesis Blind Box Series, will be the inaugural artwork available for redemption, and the FMG Token holders who complete the redemption will share a special reward of 1 BTC!

The special reward will continue in FM Gallery’s upcoming new blind box collections. Details will be announced soon in FM Gallery’s global community. Users are now able to purchase and trade their art fragments through OpenSea, FM Gallery’s official partner:

Details of the blind box series are now available at and FM Gallery’s global community on major social networks including Clubhouse, Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Discord, WeChat and Medium.

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