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2,000,000 RSR Trading Competition

Win your share out of the 2,000,000 RSR Prize Pool

Just last week we listed one of the most ambitious decentralized stablecoin projects: RESERVE. If you haven’t heard about RESERVE yet, it’s time to change that. Unlike other stablecoin companies, RESERVE aims to create a completely decentralized stablecoin over different phases.

Currently, they’re in phase 2 of 3 and accepting several cryptocurrencies as collateral for their stable token: Reserve. In a more and more tokenized future, more assets could be used as collateral and soon Reserve could be untied from the dollar-peg.

One crucial element in the Reserve ecosystem is their governance token: RSR. It gives holders the opportunity to vote on governance and it can also be traded on different platforms.

Starting on Sunday 26th 1:00 UTC we’re kicking off a 2,000,000 RSR Trading Competition.

How long will the competition run for?

The competition runs from Sunday, April 26th 01:00 UTC until Saturday, May 2nd 23:59 UTC.

What and how can I win?

The top 3 traders with the highest trading volume across all RSR and RSV pairs on our exchange will share 2,000,000 RSR. The more you trade, the more you gain.

And this is how your reward will be calculated:

(Each trader’s total trading volume / Top 3 traders’ total trading volume) x 2,000,000 RSR

Which pairs are available?

Currently, you can trade RSR/BCH, RSR/USDT and RSV/ USDT.

When will I receive my rewards?

Rewards will be credited to winners’ RSR exchange wallet within 3 weeks after the end of the competition.

Anything else?

Wash your hands, not your trades. You can find the rest of the T&Cs here.



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