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$2000 BCH Trading Competition

and $800 BCH to welcome new traders

While social distancing is a responsible thing to do, it might hit especially extroverts hard.

Luckily, cryptocurrency trading is available for 24/7 so you can trade away possible boredom. And even better, you can join our $2000 BCH trading competition and win additional BCH.

On top of that, we are welcoming any new trader on our platform with the share out of an $800 BCH Pool. Read below for details.

$2000 BCH Trading Competition

How can I participate?

Anyone trading BCH-Pairs on our exchange during the time of the competition will automatically be taken into account for the ranking. So you can trade any of our more than 50 BCH-pairs.

Who will win?

At the end of the competition, the top 5 traders with the highest trading volume will be sharing a pool of $2000 BCH in proportion to how much they have traded. Rewards are calculated in the following way:
Rewards for each trader in the top 5 — (Each trader’s total trading volume / Top 5 traders’ total trading volume) x $2000 BCH.

When will the competition be happening?
The competition starts on March 17th 13:00 UTC and ends on March 24th 13:00 UTC.

$800 BCH for new traders

We’re always excited to welcome new traders on our platform, so we’ve allocated $800 BCH that will go to the first 400 traders that sign-up to the exchange and make their first trade (BCH-pairs, 10$ Value) during the time of the competition. First come, first serve so it pays out to be fast.😉

Terms and Conditions apply. You can find them here.



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