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Catching up with Josh from SWITCH

One week ago, we listed the ESH token by Switch on the Exchange. To give everyone an even better understanding of what the team behind switch is trying to achieve, we sat down with them and asked about their plans and views on the space. Read on for more.

What is the Switch project in a Nutshell? is a DEX aggregator that checks the price of tokens on Kyber, Bancor, UniSwap, and more to ensure you are always getting the best prices when trading. You can buy with just 1 click, and transactions process INSTANTLY. There are no accounts, and no customer information is collected. We also have, which is our full decentralized exchange.

What sets Switch apart from other decentralized exchanges/ crypto-platforms?

Besides just trading tokens, our users can buy gift cards, play games, gamble, and soon a whole lot more! We will be launching an IEO launchpad, an NFT marketplace, fiat gateways, and more!

How did you get the idea of providing your platform as a Whitelabel and what do you envision for all those Whitelabel portals in the future?

Yes! We allow our products to be whitelabeled by anyone! Our exchange network pools liquidity from all of our portals into one smart contract. We currently have over 40 white labels of our DEX and can see it expanding into the hundreds by the end of the year which will really expand our user base and volume.

How many users are currently using Switch?

In May so far our products have had about 1,000 users and processed over 3 million dollars in transactions.

Which new feature to the platform are you currently working on?

We are working on dozens of new features at the moment, but a couple of the ones I’m most excited about are the ability to buy crypto with apple pay, our NFT marketplace, and our gaming/gambling section.

Have you seen an increase in demand with the recent crisis?

While I wouldn’t really attribute it to the crisis, our token, ESH, has more than 100x in the last 30 days.

What’s the relationship between GHOST and ESH?

We are building out a full ecosystem so that users can use cryptocurrencies in a variety of ways all while retaining their privacy throughout. GHOST is a new privacy coin, from tech pioneer John McAfee, and will be the privacy/currency coin of our ecosystem. ESH holders, who are holding on May 25th at 8pm CST, will receive GHOST for free! More information can be found at

Will privacy-enhancing solutions like Switch or GHOST be able to gain mass-adoption?

Yes, I think that is one piece of the puzzle. People want to feel safe and secure when transaction online, and while we do have some solutions for that now, they are now as user friendly and accepted as they should be.

Where do you see cryptocurrencies and within that Switch in the next 3 years?

I think the space will continue to grow and develop at a rapid pace. I think DEFI will continue to expand and offer new interactions not yet thought of. I think the Switch ecosystem will be a big part of that.

The airdrop of GHOST to ESH holders has been completed on May 26th and GHOST can now be traded against ETH on the Exchange.

If you want to try switch for yourself, click here.



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