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Crypto Chats with Fred Chesnais from Atari: IEO Launch and the new ATRI token

Soon enough in early November, Exchange will be launching Atari’s new ATRI token public sale via their IEO platform, and we are absolutely thrilled about this, and its subsequent listing on the exchange. To find out more details on the upcoming IEO and the new ATRI token, with its innovative features, Head of Exchange, Danish Chaudhry asked a few questions to entertainment veteran and world-renowned CEO, Fred Chesnais, regarding the upcoming public sale, why Exchange, and his expert vision in the entertainment, and finance industry as a whole. Check it out below!

What is the Atari Chain and the ATRI token all about?

The Atari Token project is about bringing decentralization and universality to the gaming industry. With interconnectedness growing exponentially, more and more people will be exchanging digital products and services and will require a secure and reliable platform to do so. The goal of the Atari Token is to become the token of reference within the industry, either as an in-game currency or as a means of payment for services or products between individuals and/or companies.

With lots of tokens focused around the entertainment and gaming industry available at the moment, what features enable the ATRI token to stand out above the rest? Subsequently, what can I do with this token?

One of the differentiating factors of the Atari Token is that we are not limiting ourselves to a single platform. Our goal is to provide a crypto-currency for as many platforms as possible, starting with our own crypto-casino which will be available at the time of the public sale. Most competitors are offering blockchain-building tools that only work within their ecosystem and use native tokens to fuel their networks. This does not promote mass-adoption nor cross-platform capability. The Atari Token would be available everywhere, making it the ideal choice as in-game currency for the gaming industry.

More importantly, the Atari Token distinguishes itself from other tokens by already having a growing network of real use cases that will allow the conversion of everyday individuals — in this case, gamers — into users. Atari’s brand recognition and heavy presence in the gaming space give it a clear edge over its competitors for mass adoption. Atari already boasts a large selection of games that will serve as use cases. The token will be ready for immediate use within the Atari Casino and Atari Smart Games.

What is the difference between ATRI and BTC?

Bitcoin’s use is limited to storing monetary values like gold, transferring them between users in a decentralized manner. The Atari Token, on the other hand, can store complex information and be used within smart contracts. This means players will be able to trade their in-game resources — like gold and diamonds — for tokens or real-world money without the need for third parties. Developers will also be empowered to monetize their creations, as smart contracts allow us to trace every piece of intellectual property and compensate authors accordingly. This stops in-game items from being reproduced or copied, conserving their value.

Why put together an IEO for Atari Chain?

Having conducted pre-sales on our own portal we believe that performing an IEO is the most agile way to propose our users with a seamless purchasing option and a direct bridge to liquidity.

Why did you choose Exchange as a platform to launch the IEO? Exchange and Atari have developed a strong relationship throughout the history of the project. I believe their suite of products and the audience makes it a key partner for the successful launch of the token.

What information would you like to share about the upcoming public sale via Exchange?

It will be live at the end of October and each Atari Token will sell for 0.25$. Go get yours!

How, and where can I buy ATRI tokens when the public sale launches? And what are the KYC requirements needed for me to open an account to do so?

KYC/AML is handled via, you will have to sign up on their website to get registered and get through the process to be eligible to purchase on the Public Sale launch.

What do you think about the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies? How could Atari help?

I’m a huge believer in the potential of cryptocurrencies — I don’t think we’ve even seen what the technology is really capable of yet. I firmly support the financial liberty blockchain brings, which gives everyone — even the unbanked — the capacity to participate in the world economy. The entertainment industry is a great place to begin promoting mass adoption, especially with Atari’s brand recognition and growing number of use cases.

What is Atari chain’s long-term goal, and when do you think this would be achievable?

With increased internet connectivity and the continuous growth of the gaming industry, we believe more and more people from all around the world will be looking to make a living from playing or developing video games. Our ultimate vision is to empower this up-and-coming workforce by giving them the tools to participate in the global economy.

Now, for a more personal question, what made you, Fred, get into crypto? Were you a trader back in the day?

In terms of transitioning into crypto from gaming, it was an inevitable shift, in the same way, that I see videogames naturally moving towards decentralization and cryptocurrencies.

Most games already have their own in-game currency — why not establish a universal one? I’ve always dreamed of seeing an interconnected gaming world, and I think cryptocurrencies are the best way to get there.


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