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Enjoy your digital art in 3D with Terra Virtua

Introducing the multi-platform NFT ecosystem

While the big boom around NFTs seems to be leveling off, many collectors now have a collection of digital collectibles. However, unlike art in the real world, so far, none of that big NFT marketplaces actually provides an ecosystem for collectors to showcase and interact with their collectibles.

Terra Virtua is aiming to change that with their fully immersive, blockchain-driven VR entertainment and collectibles platform. With a focus on VR, AR, 3D entertainment built around a strong community and social connections between art lovers and creators, Terra Virtua continues growing.

The ecosystem was launched in 2017 by Gary Bracey and Jawad Ashraf, both highly skilled developers who recognized the potential for a protocol that's driving social entertainment. Initially, Terra Virtua was just an elementary VR entertainment network that used distributed ledger technology in the backend. Since then, it has evolved into a holistic ecosystem, including various collectors and artists to enjoy digital art. With Terra Virtua, art lovers can do a lot more than go through a catalog of artworks and trade them.

They can interact with Terra Virtua over various platforms:

  • Web: all trading features and the catalog of artworks are available through a web interface. The store is user-friendly and enables users to view, buy and sell virtual collections
  • 3D PC Platform: this platform allows users to invite their friends, customize the display of their art, and interact with their digital collection
  • AR & VR applications: the mobile app of the platform lets users share their acquisitions with friends on social media, bringing them a bit closer to the “real” world. Users can also engage with their digital collectibles, which differentiates Terra Virtua from other NFT platforms
  • VFlects: these are Terra Virtua’s native, animated characters. Users can customize them as they wish in different colors. Colors represent the rareness of a VFlect.

The platform is powered by it’ native token, Terra Virtua Kolect (TVK).

The TVK Token

TVK is a utility token with various use cases within the Terra Virtua ecosystem. Technically it’s an ERC-20 token, running on the Ethereum blockchain and issued with a maximum supply of 1,200,000,000 TVK. Token holders will receive various benefits, including:

  • Reward payments: TVK is used to reward users and giving them discounted rates on trading costs on the platform
  • Terra Virtua Prestige: holding a certain amount of tokens also gives users access to the Terra Virtua Prestige “club.” It’s a set of loyal members who will receive special benefits such as gaining first previews on new art, voting on what artwork should be included in the marketplace, and receiving early access to new collections.
  • Terra Virtua Rewards: only available to active participants on the platform. Users will be rewarded for interacting with the gamified offerings on Terra Virtua. They can participate in competitions, win leaderboards, or get involved in governance for a chance to receive rewards.
  • Create Virtual art: Terra Virtua has created various tools allowing anyone to get creative and mint their first NFT. However, to access these users will need to stake TKV first. Once created, users can easily monetize their art by offering it on the marketplace.

In the future, further use cases for the token will be introduced, including yield farming.


The Terra Virtua marketplace is similar to other NFT marketplaces such as opensea or rarible. It lets users trade their collectibles. When visiting the marketplace, items are displayed at random. Nevertheless, by using the filtering capabilities, users looking to buy can easily find a unique digital art piece that suits their taste. If you’re looking for a specific piece by a certain artist, you can also search the piece using the search bar.

While some artwork is sold at a fixed price, other works are auctioned, and users can view all ongoing auctions and participate in them from the marketplace. Purchasing on Terra Virtua is straightforward and not much different from buying something on an E-Commerce platform. Users add their artwork to the cart and proceed to checkout. Purchases can be completed with a credit card or ethereum.

If you spot a digital collectible you like but aren’t sure if you want to purchase just yet, there is a wishlist option to save favored works.

Fan Cave and Terra Dome

Buying and selling digital collectibles is nice, but it’s already pretty crowded in that marketplace. What really differentiates Terra Virtua is their fan cave and terra dome that give collectors a way to interact and exhibit their collections.

The fan cave is a private corner for collectors to use their collections to decorate the space. It’s reserved for smaller art pieces such as gifs or works that are more within a portrait size.

For exhibiting bigger works, Terra Virtua has created the Terra Dome. In the Terra Dome, large NFTs such as spacecraft, ships, or other big works.

As CTO and Co-Founder of Terra Virtua put it: “fusing the very best of VR and AR entertainment with the very best of blockchain technology providing a fantastic opportunity for those looking to contribute to the evolution of the platform as well as those looking to market their digital products and services to a global audience.”

Terra Virtua is bringing collectors into the world of blockchain and lowering the entry barrier as no crypto knowledge is required to get started on Terra Virtua. With its innovative approach to bridging platforms and showcasing the future of collecting, Terra Virtua has made noteworthy partnerships to create digital arts with Paramount Pictures and Legendary entertainment.

With the AR and VR market predicted to grow to a $57 billion market by 2027, Terra Virtua is well-positioned to provide collectors and artists a way to be part of the new way of collecting.

TVK is now trading on Exchange with BTC pair.



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