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After listing the native cryptocurrency of the Ergo platform, we’re giving you the chance to join us for an AMA with the Ergo team and ask them anything you’ve always wanted to know.

On August 10th at 16:00 UTC, we’re going to be live in our telegram channel with Alex (Kushti) Chepurnoy, Co-Founder and Core Developer of Ergo Platform; Joseph Armeanio- Business Developer of Ergo Foundation and Mark Glasgow — Head of Community Management at Ergo.

We’re also giving $100 ERG to the best questions in our AMA, so your question might win you $20 in the native ERGO token.

Join our telegram channel and save the date.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Winners will need to provide us with their e-mail address linked to their Exchange account.
  2. We will contact all the winners via telegram, so please don’t change your telegram name 24 hours after the AMA.
  3. If winners don’t respond within 3 days after the AMA, they will no longer be eligible for the prize.



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