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How Mask makes your tweets more private

Every once in a while, attempts are made at splitting up Big Tech. So far, the big Four, Facebook, Google, Amazon, and Apple, have successfully fended off any serious threat to their businesses through a combination of lobbying, buying their competition, and paying for great lawyers. It seems we will all have to learn to live with Big Tech as they won’t be broken up anytime soon.

Regardless, with every data breach, privacy concerns start mounting again. And don't we all know that one person who deleted Whatsapp in reaction to their new privacy policy? — Often, just to continue using Instagram and Facebook, as if all of these weren’t part of the same group company. If you’re a bit more serious about protecting your privacy but not willing to leave platforms that you’ve used for years and host your network on, Mask network might be just for you.

Mask Network

Mask Network, initially named Maskbook, was launched in 2019 by Suji Yan — a Chinese investigative journalist and engineer with experience founding startups. He believes that it’s tough to get users to quit using the social networks they’ve grown to and that big tech will continue playing a dominant role. Mainly because Big Tech is big enough to fight off the competition either through prices or by buying them — as the acquisition of Instagram by Facebook vividly illustrated.

Therefore, it was more beneficial to build a bridge for users between the existing, centralized products and services of Web 2.0 to the decentralized Web 3.0, according to Suji Yan. Mask does precisely that. The decentralized peer-to-peer messaging service on Ethereum allows users to send encrypted messages while using social networks. With the end-to-end tool, users can create encrypted tweets and Facebook posts and define who those will be shared with. Their local device handles the whole encryption process, and social networks just take care of transmitting the data.

Transmission and synchronization are handled by the decentralized database of Maks that stores and synchs public keys of network users. Just like cryptocurrencies, messages and data are encrypted asymmetrically using public-private key pairs.

When users want to share data via the mask network, it will be encrypted using the recipient’s public key. This way, only the recipient will be able to use their private key to decrypt the message and read it. Users can’t just send encrypted messages or posts; they can also participate in crypto lucky draws, receive crypto on social networks, and trade tokens.

Initially just launched as a widget, Mask has grown into a bigger ecosystem supporting various small dApps enabling users to perform simple functions within a larger ecosystem. Using MASK will automatically recognize hashtags with $ and allow users to check charts and trade the corresponding assets.

In 2021, the platform token MASK was released. MSAK is used in governance, giving holders one vote per token. Holders vote by staking their MASK into a proposal contract. Additionally, MASK is used for protocol incentivization, dApp development, and to unlock premium features.

More recently, MASK has expanded its token to Binance Smart Chain and Polygon to increase its dApp ecosystem and enable multi-chain usage. The team has also partnered with other companies to provide buying and selling of NFT content through Twitter.

MASK continues to enhance its privacy-focused bridge between Web 2.0 and Web 3.0. With concerns about privacy growing, solutions like MASK that make it easy for us to continue using our beloved Social Media platforms while maintaining more control over who sees our content is set to grow.

If you want to try Mask for yourself, you can download it for iOS, Android or add it as an extension in your browser.

MASK will start trading on Exchange on July 5th at 12:00 UTC with USDT and BTC pairs.



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