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On Tuesday, April 13th, we welcomed the team behind IQONIQ to our telegram channel for an AMA.

We were joined by the COO of IQONIQ, Kazim Atilla and their COO, Meirav Harel, to answer all the community's questions.

IQONIQ is a fan ecosystem that’s bringing sports and events organizations together with their fans, allowing them to engage in more meaningful ways. Since its inception, the team has already secured partnerships with famous organizations such as the McLaren racing team and FC Valencia.

Read on to learn what we’ve covered during our session with the IQONIQ team.

Question: What is the vision for IQONIQ?

Answered by Kazim: “Sports clubs, companies, and athletes find all the billions of individual engagements daily incredibly frustrating. They don’t know who is liking their posts; they don’t learn what fans really want. They don’t know how to leverage all this information to bring more revenue, and more importantly, to do even more for their fans.

So IQONIQ provides a game-changing solution for fans on the one hand while enabling sports clubs to monetize the value of their global fragmented fan base and assets.

The idea is that IQONIQ is revolutionizing this multi-billion-dollar Sport & Entertainment industry by introducing a best-of-its-kind social engagement platform that enables sports clubs, athletes and entertainers to manage and monetize the value of their global fragmented fan base and social media assets better.

We are aiming to provide fans with a richer, rewarding and more personal relationship with their idols and clubs, on a universal, seamless, and gamified App that includes a great loyalty platform with a complete fan-centric ecosystem, that is bridged to the blockchain world.

IQONIQ also provides a digital sports-focused marketplace and a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) platform. “

Question: IQONIQ has quite a substantial and growing community; how will Exchange provide their community with all they need to trade, hold and acquire IQQ?

Answer by Danish: “We’re super excited to be partnering with IQONIQ for the aforementioned vision. Our platform is extremely robust, offers great tech and security, and a brand and name to match.

We are constantly engaging the community and creating new ways to engage with the tokens we list. We hope to bring quite a lot of activities relating to IQQ for our existing users as well as for IQONIQ’s community.”

Question: What are IQONIQ’s plans related to NFTs?

Answer by Meirav: “ IQONIQ also includes a digital sports-focused marketplace and a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) platform, that will hold both Traditional and digital collectibles from teams and idols, memorabilia and also special experiences — and all of these will be underwritten via NFTs.

We are looking to work with different NFT issuers and find the best possible ones to streamline the NFT issuance process. Our objective is to enable teams, idols and brands to issue NFTs seamlessly, without any prior knowledge of how blockchain technology works, because Issuing NFTs should be a simple 1–2–3: 1. identify an object (digital or real-life collectible), 2. create the NFT peg, 3. trade it. That’s what we’re aiming for.


Question: Crypto and blockchain are finding many use cases in the entertainment world, via sports, celebrities and so forth. What’s your forecast for the future of both industries combining efforts in 5–10 years?

Answer by Danish: I think the outlook is extremely positive. It’s a natural progression and marriage. All the things that IQONIQ is doing are spot on — fan engagement actually bringing together sports and entertainment closer to their audience, combing that with NFT’s, is just amazing and is really the future.

Think of Twitter allowing people to interact and get that one step closer to their idols. I’d say Iqoniq is on that footpath and will be a force to reckon with in the next few years.“

Addition by Kazim: ”First of all, it seems that Covid has required the entertainment and sports worlds to rethink their revenue streams and digital presence. So technology will be expected to be more widely used in these fields to create better experiences.

For instance, with NFTs — An interesting step would be to connect the digital and physical world in an established way. The connection between Non-Fungible Tokens and Real-life assets is an important direction that can enable interesting developments. From day one, we always had collectibles in our vision, and the NFT technology has added much value to the physical collectibles.

One of the problems with the uptake of blockchain-based apps was that projects constantly tried to find problems to fit into their solution instead of the other way around. For IQONIQ, the longstanding problem had always been to capture the massive lost value of fan engagement.”

Question: How do IQQs work in regards to the APP?

Answer by Meirav: “We have built a comprehensive ecosystem that is an all-in-one fan engagement platform that gives fans the unlimited ability to experience their favourite sports and personalities in more meaningful ways that were not possible before. (…) Every like, comment, share, and the view will be tracked by the IQONIQ gamified app to fairly reward every interaction with an appropriate amount of IQONIQ Loyalty points anon in some occasions of IQQs.

Think of the entire system as a gamified social network, where interactions are encouraged and rewarded. Instead of static rewards that expire, IQQs can be used for many things: accessing exclusive merchandise, discounts on products, priority access to matches and many more.”

Question: Why did you choose the sports theme for IQONIQ? How can you describe and dеmоnstrate the uniquеnеss and vаlue of thе IQONIQ platform to a fооtball fаn?

Answer by Kazim: “When I was 6-years old I had a terrible “shopping bus” accident and was almost dead. The accident left me bed ripped for 4 months, and I was handicapped in a wheelchair for another 5 months, whereby I had to learn to walk again. After I could walk again, sport gave me my passion and strength to become stronger. From the age of 8, I got addicted to sport, and from the age of 10, I tried every sport I could. As you can see, sport gave me a lot, and still, it gives me happiness, and my passion doesn't stop, and I don’t think it will ever stop.

As a huge sports fan, I was frustrated with how to find the content on many different sites, social media, dedicated apps, then for tickets, and you had to go to another app, the same thing for webshop, merchandise etc. whereby you would never be really rewarded being a loyal fan. The rightsholders have their own problems and the brands also, and I believed that this could be much better, so started IQONIQ.”

Question: Do you plan to create a channel, for example, YouTube, to create content about LaLiga?

Answer by Meirav: “On IQONIQ, each league and each club will have their own profile and environment on the App. The whole idea is that fans will not need to scrape the various social media platforms to see and read all they want to know about their favourite league or club.

That means that LaLiga, for instance, will have its own page with its content, including videos and special content on the IQONIQ app itself. Besides, for the clubs that have partnered with us (over 100 already), each club will be able to create and share content and create and share Digital and real-world collectables and memorabilia straight from IQONIQ.

It’s a lot more than just content — We have statistics, scores, AR, VR, QR-ticketing, games, competitions, and much, much more.”

Question: Adoption is one of the most important factors that all sustainable blockchain projects should focus on to be more attractive in the invertors Eyes. Can you tell me what IQONIQ has done and plan to do to achieve adoption in reality, real use cases, our real society?

Answer by Kazim:We have now over 120 partners and are in discussions with over 200 rightsholders which are all interested, so this shows a strong belief in our vision. We use many different technologies, and blockchain is one of them, and we have made sure to use this where it only adds value, and if it doesn't, then we don't.

The other point is that as a user of our App, you won't need to understand anything about blockchain nor crypto, which is the same that many people don't understand how Android and IOS works but still use the apps which are built on them!

You also don't need to own the IQQ tokens to be able to use the app. Still, if you do, it will give you additional benefits, and it also accelerates the different benefits in the IQONIQ ecosystem.

Question: First of all, as a sports fan, I liked your project very much. Is there a partnership study on Nba?

Kazim answered:We are in negotiations with over 200 rightsholders, including clubs from many different sports. We have been swamped in the US and have been talking to every sports league and are in far advanced negotiations with all of them. We already have several partners onboarded from the US and hope that we can announce some inspiring new partnerships, and maybe one of them will be the NBA 😊.”

Thanks to all our participants and the IQONIQ team for taking the time to answer the community questions. We could deepen our understanding of the IQONIQ app and the IQQ token, making us even more excited for the future.

If you want to see more of IQONIQ, head over to their website or follow them on Twitter.

The IQQ token can be traded with BTC, USDT and ETH on our exchange.



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