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IQQ by IQONIQ listing on Exchange

IQQ is a utility token supporting the IQONIQ fan ecosystem. One of the significant challenges in sports and entertainment is that fanbases can be fragmented and split across different platforms. The experience for fans is not optimal, as they have to switch between platforms to interact with their favourite entertainers, influencers, and celebrities.

With the vision to “become the fan engagement platform for the sports and entertainment industry”, IQONIQ has built a platform that brings together fans and their organizations, allowing them to engage in new in innovative ways. Instead of having to crawl several different social media and e-commerce sites, fans on IQONIQ will be able to find everything about their favourite organizations on one platform: from the latest update of their favourite football player to accessing exclusive merchandise and buying tickets for a game.

The IQONIQ app is currently in Beta but already features several well-known organizations and clubs from football, rugby, cricket, formula one and more, including FC Valencia, AS Monaco, McLaren and Alfa Romeo Racing, just to name a few. organizations benefit as the platform allows them to deliver their brand message concisely and engage with their fans in more meaningful ways.

The IQQ token allows holders to access merchandise, tickets, souvenirs and win prizes associated with their favourite team on the app. Fans on the platform can customise their experience to their budget and preferences, closing the engagement gap between fans and idol. Idols can use IQONIQ to have conversations with their fans and monetise on fans who are willing to pay for higher engagement with them.

Another vital part of the IQONIQ platform is gamification: users can join online games while watching their favourite teams compete against each other. The top 10 winners name will be shown on the big screen once we’re allowed back into stadiums, and they receive exclusive prizes.

IQONIQ implemented a revenue-sharing model that makes organizations on their platform financial partners that will receive a share of the revenue generated. Income is generated from several advertising streams, sales of merchandise and tickets, membership subscriptions and more.

“The recent pandemic has really shown us the importance of diversifying business models and finding better ways to engage with your fans. This is particularly true for sports organisations that are known to be following traditional models. We’re very excited to see how Iqoniq can empower these organizations as well as their fans to engage in more meaningful ways. By listing the IQQ token, we’re making it more accessible to a broader audience and supporting its growth.”

Danish Chaudhry, CEO Exchange.

IQQ started trading on March 31st at 10:00 UTC with ETH, USDT and BTC pairs.



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