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JulSwap and JustLiquidity AMA Summary

What you’ve missed during our AMA

Yesterday we had the pleasure of welcoming Tobias Graf, Founder and CEO of JustLiquidity and JulSwap, to our telegram channel for an AMA. We chatted with him about the inspiration for starting JustLiquidity and JulSwap and learned more about what’s in store in the future.

Thanks to everyone who joined us and proactively asked questions. It was a blast to see so much interest in the project. Congratulations to the 5 winners for asking the best questions. We’ve reached out and will be sending your prizes shortly.

If you haven’t had a chance to join us, read on to learn more about the things we discussed

Question to Tobias: Could you please introduce yourself, your position, background, why, and how you ended up in the crypto and blockchain space?

Answer by Tobias: “My Name is Tobias Graf; I am 31 years young; I am the founder of JustLiquidity and JulSwap. Before I made my first crypto purchase in 2017, Ripple, I was self-employed as a Finance and Insurance Broker in Germany. In 2016 we generated around 25% from the whole AXA Health Insurance Production in Germany.

As I saw the Fascination and Chances in the Crypto Market, I couldn’t stop working on it. It needed a few years until we reached a community as we have now, but I love to work in this space.

We are still early in my opinion; Crypto is now Amazon in the year 2000.”

Question: “What makes Exchange different from all other exchanges in the industry?”

Question: What makes Exchange different from all other exchanges in the industry?

Tobias: In the first point clearly the domain which is unique. 🙂

Danish:I think our brand which speaks for itself, but backing it is the infrastructure and the liquidity that we bring to the table. The exchange also stands out by partnering with projects and individuals such as Tobias Graf.”

Question: Can you explain and delve deep into what JulSwap is all about?

Tobias: JulSwap is not just a DEX protocol; it is an automated liquidity protocol with staking pools and LaunchPad built on the Binance Smart Chain similar to PancakeSwap.

But our intention is not just to provide a fork from a project; we intend to build something greater on existing technologies. We added our own interface with limit orders and Trading charts to JulSwap, which is still in beta version and improved step by step. You can watch it here.

Until now, decentralized trading has not been the easiest for traders used to centralized exchanges. We make it as easy as possible for anyone to get started on a decentralized platform. In the last 30 days, our volume has grown from $1,5 million to $74 million per day. Also, the liquidity has grown from 2.7 million to around 87 million $ max. “

JulSwap Web-interface

Question: “What other products are already available or upcoming in your project?

Tobias: “Our Target is to make entry into the Blockchain world as easy as possible.

  • JulWallet: We published the JulWallet as a Browser Extension on iOS and Android in the last few weeks, where you can find standard integrated Networks like the Binance Smart Chain, Matic Network, Tomo Chain, Ethereum Network, Avalanche Network and Heco Network.
  • JustLiquidity Virtual and Physical Debit Cards: In the next 4–8 weeks, we will release the integration for virtual and physical debit cards in a decentralized manner into our JulWallet Mobile Version. Yes, Debit cards are nothing really unique, but we give you the option to use Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay with your virtual cards and your crypto is stored decentralized until you make your purchase, so no one gets access to your crypto.
  • JustLiquidity Private: To allow the Community to send BNB, BUSD, USDT, JULb and JulD anonymously (more in progress), without the option to track the transactions on the Binance Smart Chain, we will implement the JustLiquidity Private Protocol.
  • JulIncubator: To allow new Projects and Teams to join the BSC directly. The JUL Team in the Future will set-up the JulIncubator, which will be integrated into
  • JustLiquidity Token Bridge: We built a Token Bridge form ERC20 to BEP20 and vice versa to allow small and medium-sized projects to join the BSC even if they are already on the Ethereum Blockchain without increasing the total supply.

You can find all the details on our Website:

Question: How will JustLiquidity be a more beneficial & secure tool for any user for being safe & secure in the online world, especially for crypto-users?

Tobias: “The main point our whole development is decentralized so far, and all is audited and open source. So I think we did the best possible to secure it, and we will do the same in the future.”

Question: Why anyone should invest in coins like Julb and JulD?

Tobias: “I can't tell you you should invest, and my points are never financial advise because crypto can be huge but as well very fast, very small.

In my opinion, the question should be if you believe in a project or not.

I personally believe in crypto because it is the future, and that's why I keep working on it and investing in it.”

Question: Why is the only place where you can get the JULb tokens are JULSwap, and in turn, why is generating liquidity given a higher priority? Or do you plan to list that tokens on some other exchange platforms soon?

Tobias: “We are listed on a lot of exchanges and now as well on where you can buy julD and julb.”

Question: Are you planning to launch a mobile application? Will it support all of these web farming and staking functions?

Tobias: “We already have a mobile application for iOS and Android:

We will NFT Support very soon and integrate the DEX so it will be an all in one network solution.”

Question: Swirge pay was the first project on Justliquidity. But what is happening with Swirge pay? The price is much lower than during the pre-sale. And we can easily say that the “project failed to achieve its goal”. Isn’t this brings a bad reputation for Justliquidity? Or is Swirge pay a completely autonomous project?

Tobias: The Swirge Pay price is much higher than the presale price and reached already huge all-time highs. If you have other information, let me know.”

Tobias:I want to say thank you very much @BadBr0wnie and @antoniobileci for the invitation and a big thanks to the community here for the questions.

If you have some more questions, join our Telegram Channel and follow us on Twitter:,

You can trade JulD and Julb on our exchange with USDT and BTC pairs here.



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