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July Monthly Recap

Did you know that it was July when Lance Amstrong landed on the moon? In summer 1969, the American was the first human to step foot on the moon. Straight-forward 52 years, and we’ve seen two billionaires race to space. It might have been a good month for the wealthy to go to space, but most major cryptocurrencies didn’t excite as much.

Bitcoin traded sideways for the majority of the month, with other major market cap currencies the following suit. Just towards the end of July, we saw prices increase again.

Despite the sideways market, we listed various new assets, kicked off promotions, and held an AMA with the team behind the SENT Token. Here are a few highlights.

As news of rug pulls and bugs in DeFi projects which enable hackers to get away with millions (just check Thorchain’s most recent hack), continue making headlines, the importance of security can’t be overstated.

Callisto Network is providing vital cybersecurity services to the blockchain ecosystem and has already conducted hundreds of audits. You can read more about the network and how their auditing works here. The native token of the platform CLO is trading with BTC, ETH, and USDT pairs on our exchange.

AI continues to be a growing field, and tech companies worldwide are working on making better use of Big Data. Singularity Net brings blockchain and AI together to empower individual developers to monetize their AI algorithms on a decentralized marketplace.

The native token AGIX is trading with BTC on our exchange. If you wonder what SingularityNET has to do with Sophie the Robot or how it works, check out our blog post on it.

ARPA chain is a Layer 2 blockchain solution that relies on the concept of multi-party computation (MPC). MPC enables multiple parties to compute data without actually viewing the underlying data and brings a new layer of privacy to public blockchains. Find out more.

TFUEL is the gas token of the Theta Network, which makes it easier for businesses to stream their video content. Theta network has just recently upgraded, and tokens have rallied in advance.


Towards the end of the month, we finally managed to find a time that wasn’t stormy and all our guests could join. Throughout the SENT AMA we talked about the current state of the crypto markets, what’s important to consider when trading, and more.

You can find the full recording of the session below, on our YouTube Channel. Thanks to everyone who joined us and we’re looking forward to the next one.



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