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“Memorable year in Crypto” says Danish Chaudhry, CEO

Summary of 2021 by CEO

Danish Chaudhry Founder & CEO of

Society is increasingly willing to look for an alternative “store of value” that will be competitive with fiat money. We are in a moment of a metamorphosis — says Danish Chaudhry, CEO of the leading cryptocurrency exchange, in a comment outlining the most significant changes that have occurred in 2021. Danish also summarizes the important events of the year for the

The development of digitization

Nowadays, we observe fast and effective digitization. Society naturally “switches” to digital tools in no time. The acceleration of digitization has driven the entire fintech industry and more.

Cryptocurrencies are getting more popular and safer

The changes also influenced the digital coins sector. It was a year of enormous challenges and drastic changes, but at the same time, full of new projects, ideas, and the development of new tools and solutions. The massive expansion of third-generation digital currencies is particularly impressive, becoming an alternative to solutions based on the first and the second cryptocurrencies — Bitcoin and Ethereum. They offer much more than speed and security, and we are glad to say we are part of it by listing them on our exchange.

Let’s not forget about the increasing popularity of the NFT tokens or online auctions to bid for items via digital currencies. Recently, after raising over $400,000 at the NFT auction in September, The Russian State Hermitage Museum organized a free exhibition of digital artworks based on the metaverse. That gave the possibility of exploring the virtual gallery using avatars. Everything that digital visitors needed was smartphones, virtual reality glasses, or other devices.

Additionally, the world’s oldest art & luxury auction house, Sotheby’s, announced its partnership with the public health care advocate and nonprofit organization Sostento. The purpose is to auction off its latest NFT collection via Sotheby’s Metaverse. All profits of the auction, called “Gifted” will go toward Sostento.

Additionally, 107 Bored Apes fetched $24.4 million at Sotheby’s Ape In (online auction) in September 2021.

It is worth noting that the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain affects the development of fintech and decentralized payments and develops entertainment, and wipes dust off what is forgotten among technologically developed communities — art.

Education on a pedestal

Many opponents of cryptocurrencies pay attention to many aspects such as security, the inability to touch assets, and the most common — how does it work? No wonder, after all, with every novelty on the market that is based on technology, such reactions arise. Usually, only a few understand them, and most often, those who create them. Over time, more and more people are convinced. In this case, 2021 showed that companies opted for education in cryptocurrency and blockchain. It is no different with the team, which creates educational content, is working on a new blog page to ensure it is user-friendly for those advanced and beginners and has already published a podcast page in which we talk with industry authorities.

Eric Adams, New York City Mayor-elect, said that cryptocurrency and blockchain technology should be taught in schools. He claimed this as the future in payments.

Cryptocurrencies as a natural payment method

As I mentioned, despite a certain reserve, cryptocurrencies are popular among many companies and more. No wonder they offer many possibilities.

The government of El Salvador is an example of a friendly place for the development and introduction of cryptocurrencies into natural circulation. It is the first country to adopt BTC as legal tender. The latest investment of El Salvador in BTC is to celebrate “the last 21 days of 2021 of the 21st century”.

Mastercard said it would enable partners to enable their customers to buy, sell and hold cryptocurrencies with a digital wallet, and reward them with digital currencies through loyalty programs. This move would allow customers to earn and spend rewards in cryptocurrencies rather than loyalty points.

2021 — the year of optimistic changes for

This year was also highly significant for our cryptocurrency exchange. From rebranding in September, welcoming Crown Sovereign, to many other activities such as expanding the new website, focusing on educating users, and much more.

We looked after crypto assets worth over $ 227 million at the peak moment.

From the very beginning, cryptocurrencies allowed people to take control of their money without a third party involved, and the new name is the best reflection here. The acronym “FMFW” means “Free Money, Free The World” and expresses the deep belief in the money revolution.

What’s more, as I mentioned before, we have published a new subpage with podcasts under the name Tokenverse. We have already welcomed the best of the industry including Robert Grant, CEO of Crown Sterling, Bobby Ong, who is Co-Founder of CoinGecko, and more.

There are over million traders on our exchange, and our aim is to protect their assets. Therefore, we have started a partnership with a leader in the cybersecurity industry — Hacken, to constantly verify and strengthen our exchange. It was definitely a memorable year in crypto!

Our Team has integrated many new digital coins, launched more than a hundred new spot and margin trading pairs, supported token swaps, IEO, launched Derivatives trading with up to x100 leverage.

2022 — year of further improvements

We plan to introduce an off-ramp service for the coming year, allowing traders to sell cryptocurrencies without leaving the exchange. What’s more, we plan to expand and, of course, broaden our exchange’s portfolio. New applications are on the roadmap, and we are looking forward to introducing them this 2022 year.


The last two quarters have been significant for our team, and the whole year has been full of changes for the industry and an increase in the interest of large companies and the mainstream. We support all activities related to spreading the necessary knowledge about this industry. We believe in that digital currencies will become a reasonable and safe alternative to fiat money.

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