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Monthly Re-cap: March 2020

Currently, more than a quarter of the world population is under some kind of lockdown. It might even be more by the time this is published. Thinking back to the beginning of March, this seemed still unimaginable for most of us.

Nevertheless, we continued working on the exchange from the safety of our living rooms and sometimes kitchens. So here is all we’ve been up to in March.


In March we listed five new tokens on our exchange — and two of them were stablecoins. Stablecoins combine the benefits of a cryptocurrency such as low transaction costs and traceability with the stability of a fiat currency. We listed EOSDT, a decentralized stablecoin built on EOS in the first week of March. With USDH we just recently listed the very first USD-pegged stablecoin built on SLP. Especially these days with the US-Dollar in high demand, a USD stablecoin can be an attractive option for traders to lock-in gains and move funds.

Another SLP token we listed early March was HONK, which initially started as a Meme token, but has since evolved to be one of the biggest projects in the SLP ecosystem.

In the third week of March, we launched’s AVA for trading. is often referred to as the Expedia of crypto, offering crypto-users the ability to book trips and pay for them in crypto.

The last addition to our exchange was the native token of Rapidz, an innovative payments company. You can learn more about each of these tokens when you go to Listings under our publication here.

Giveaways and Competitions

March marked a Month full of promotions for us. We started by giving away 1 Billion HONK that were shared by 10 lucky traders. Then we continued our Giveaway stray with $1000 worth of EOSDT going to members of our community as well as 10 EOSDT T-shirts. Unfortunately though, due to disruptions in supply chains worldwide and a lockdown keeping us at home, the T-shirt winners will have to practice some more patience. We will make sure that the first thing we do getting out of this will be to send them their prices.

We also gave away 10 Starter-packs worth $10 for people to use on Splinterlands. You can learn more about Splinterlands in the next section.

As for competitions, we ran an EOSDT competition with a $1500 Prize Pool and are still within our $3000 USDH Trading Competition.

Splinterlands Sponsorship

Did you know that Blockchain has huge potential in the gaming industry? One Blockchain Gaming Company excelling in combining blockchain and gaming is Splinterlands (previously Steemmonsters). Splinterlands is an exciting collectible card game where you can fight with your card decks against others. We’re sponsoring 2 whole seasons and several tournaments. As part of that, we’re also giving away Starter-packs and untamed Booster-Pack tokens. Stay tuned on our Social Media channels to never miss one of those.

Travala AMA

On the 26th of March, we hosted our very first AMA with the newly-appointed CEO of Juan Otero. It was a great experience and we got a lot of questions. We picked the top 5 and the winners were awarded 100 AVA.

Buy Cryptocurrencies with Bank Transfer

It’s been some time in the making and we’re proud to share that you can now finally buy cryptocurrencies directly into your exchange account with bank transfer. In collaboration with our partner moonpay, we can now accept transfers from SEPA and GBP accounts. The process is pretty straight-forward, and while GBP transfers are usually confirmed within a few hours, SEPA transactions might take up to 1 business day until you receive your crypto. You can read a detailed guide on how to buy crypto on our exchange here.



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