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New Coin Listing — HBAR

The trusted and secure online world that empowers the user.

HBAR listed on the Exchange

Go beyond the majority of traditional blockchains! Hedera Hashgraph makes it possible to get your own piece of cyberspace to transact, socialize, and play in a trusted environment!. The trust layer of the internet has arrived at the Exchange and will be available for trading on July 31st.

What is Hedera?

Hedera Hashgraph was invented by Dr. Leemon Baird and Chief Scientist Mande Harmon in 2016. It is a decentralized public network where users can personalize the digital world in ways that have never been explored in a secure and trusted environment.

Hedera exists to provide a trustworthy, solid platform optimized for enterprise-grade applications, not to provide a cryptocurrency. The cryptocurrency element is required for the network to function, just like all other public DLTs. The native cryptocurrency of the Hedera public network is HBAR.

How does it work?

Hedera uses Hashgraph, which is a better DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) alternative compared to the traditional blockchain DLT and is suitable for mainstream and high scale use. Hashgraph is an asynchronous Byzantine Fault Tolerance (aBFT) consensus algorithm capable of securing the platform against attacks. Hedera believes that the consensus mechanism of other DLTs falls short in providing such adequate security measures. The lightning-fast throughput and asynchronous Byzantine Fault Tolerance backed by mathematical proofs.

The cryptocurrency, HBAR has dual roles in the network. It used to power decentralized applications, build peer-to-peer payment and micropayment business models, and protect the network from malicious actors.

Hashgraph is based on two unique techniques: Virtual Voting and Gossip about gossip. The use of timestamping techniques that makes it fairer than other algorithms.The asynchronous BFT meaning no one can stop consensus from being reached or can change afterward.

As for the speed, it can handle hundreds of thousands of transactions per second and verify over a million signatures.

Gossip about Gossip

Gossiping, in this case, is spreading a piece of information to another person that is not aware of it yet. Every gossip contains a bit of information attached to the hashes of the last two people the user talked to. Therefore, every node in Hashgraph expands the signed information on new transactions and transactions received from other nodes to the user’s randomly chosen neighbor nodes. Randomly selected adjacent nodes combine newly created events with a piece of information received from the last node, the new event is created. The cycle goes on until all nodes have received the same information.

Virtual Voting

Virtual voting is about how nodes get to know if the transaction is valid or not. Any transaction needs two-third of the network as a witness to be valid. The voting usually goes over several rounds.

HBAR is capable of delivering more than 10,000 transactions within 3–5 seconds for a fee of $0.0001 USD.

What pairs can you trade?


Did you know?

Hedera network governed by a network of leading, global enterprises. All members have equal voting rights and membership is term-limited, up to 39 leading enterprises with high reputation, across industries and geographies.

HBAR increased by more than 350 percent after Google became a member of its Governing Council, rallied by 40 percent on the day in March 2020. Doesn’t it sound promising?

Trade HBAR on the Exchange from July 31st!



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