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New Coin Listing — STRONG Exchange is thrilled to announce the upcoming listing of STRONG by StrongBlock DeFi protocol on the 19th of October 2020 at 15:00 UTC.

What is StrongBlock DeFi?

It was founded in 2018 by members of the original EOS core team. StrongBlock’s mission is to make it easy to add secure, decentralized blockchains to any application. Centralization issues have hampered blockchain adoption thus StrongBlock solves this by assembling pools of third-party nodes from many protocols (ETH, EOS, etc.) for its blockchains and oracles to create reliable, decentralized networks.

How does STRONG work?

The company wanted to create a protocol to combine the need for blockchain governance, better nodes, and a merit-based reward system. Therefore, they have created the STRONG Governance token — think Compound for blockchain nodes. Instead of liquidity pools, there are node pools. STRONG supports the demand for high-quality public blockchain performance with powerful DeFi tokenomics, resulting in the first-ever DeFi system that also improves the quality of the chain itself.

The STRONG token confers governance rights to its holders to propose, vote, and implement changes to the StrongBlock DeFi protocol. StrongBlock DeFi is using a node pool, a DeFi liquidity pool concept applied to node performance. STRONG empowers community governance. It is not a fundraising device or an investment opportunity.

What pairs will be listed?


Get ready to trade STRONG on our exchange because deposits and trading will go live on the 19th of October 2020 at 15:00 UTC.



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